#TakeCharge of COVID-19  

Currently, Briar Cliff University is at operation level green. Meaning all normal operations have resumed with exceptions for high-risk individuals.

Charger safety is our number one priority. Please use the resources on this page to find out more about what you can do to help #TakeCharge of your health, while protecting and maintaining the health of our caring community. 

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Briar Cliff's operation level?

As of August 5, 2021, Briar Cliff University plans to begin the academic year with normal operations, at an operational level of green.            

Can this operation status change?

While we may start at a green level, it is imperative to continue to be aware of potential changes as the academic year progresses. We will continue to follow guidance provided by the Governor’s Office, the Iowa Department of Education, and Siouxland District Health, and are prepared to adjust operations if needed.    

Where can I find more information about operation levels?

More information about our COVID status can be found on the Portal.

What do I do if I have symptoms?

If you develop any COVID-19 symptoms, you must:

  • Stay home/in your residence hall room (do not report to class or, if in class, go home/to your residence hall room immediately)
  • Immediately inform your professor(s) and academic advisor(s)
  • Contact the Charger Health office.

If you receive a positive test, contact the Charger Health office and they will guide you through the next course of action.

What do I need to pack for quarantine?
  • Cell phone charger
  • List of allergies
  • 2 weeks worth of clothes
  • Blanket 
  • Thermometer
  • Hygiene products
  • Cough drops
  • Tylenol
  • Prescription medications
  • Tissues 
  • Fans
  • Masks
  • Distractions
Should we worry about COVID or the Delta variant in Siouxland?

According to recent peer-reviewed research, the Delta variant is more contagious, with roughly a 2.5 times higher transmission rate in age groups of 5-49. It has also resulted in a 1.58 times higher hospitalization rate. Those who are vaccinated have a lower chance of infection with a significantly lower chance of hospitalization. Should you get ill with COVID or the Delta variant, symptoms are also greatly reduced if you have been vaccinated.

Can I get COVID if I am vaccinated?

It is important to know that, while you may not be ill, you can still be a carrier of COVID; please be aware some of your peers or faculty may not be vaccinated or their household members may not be vaccinated. As a caring community, we are each responsible for protecting ourselves and others.

Where can I get a COVID vaccine in Siouxland?

Vaccines are offered at several locations near Briar Cliff University. For a complete listing, please click here.

What vaccine should I get?

For women who have concerns about blood clots, the medical community recommends the Pfizer or Moderna vaccine. For men who have concerns about endocarditis, the medical community recommends the J&J vaccine or to delay the Pfizer or Moderna second dose for 8-12 weeks.

Do I have to be vaccinated to attend Briar Cliff?

Vaccinations are not mandated but are strongly encouraged. More information about vaccines can be found by clicking here

What precautions should I take if I live on campus?

Please remember to wash or sanitize your hands frequently and take additional precautions as needed or required.

Are face coverings/masks required?

Face coverings/masks are recommended, not required. However, for athletics or academic travel, you may visit a site requiring masks. Please bring a personal supply of masks in the event you need them for travel or for future operation level changes.

Will I need a face covering/mask?

Due to the uncertainty of the Delta variant and the impact on the Siouxland community, we do recommend bringing your face masks to campus to be prepared if our operation level changes.

Will protective equipment be provided?

Limited protective equipment packets will be available at Charger Check In.

Will there be events at Briar Cliff?

When in green status, we do not have limits for events or mass; full capacity is permitted. However, the university may take advance precautions on some special events and postpone or cancel as needed.

Is a daily health check required?

Daily Charger Health Checks are not currently required. You are encouraged to monitor your health by assessing any symptoms you may have and taking a daily reading of your temperature.

Should the operational level change for Briar Cliff, daily Charger Health Checks may be reinstated.

If I think I am ill, who do I contact?

Should you have any concerns with your health in relation to COVID, please email ChargerHealth@briarcliff.edu for guidance on next steps.


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