Crime Reporting & Prevention | Briar Cliff University

Crime Reporting & Prevention


Briar Cliff University makes timely reports to the campus community regarding crimes reported to Campus Security and/or the Sioux City Police Department that are considered a threat to other students and employees. In the case of a major emergency and severe weather, alerts are posted to Hall directors and appropriate personnel, which alert all students, faculty and staff via a message to their cell phone and to their college email account. They may also be posted in the residence halls. In the case of a major emergency, updates will be posted to the university website and text messages. In the case of the campus being closed due to weather, a message will also be sent out using text and email or postings on campus and local television stations.


In the event that a situation arises, either on or off campus, that in the judgment of the Vice President for Student Development constitutes an ongoing or continuing threat, a campus wide “timely warning” will be issued. The warning will be issued through the Briar Cliff University texts, e-mails. If time permits, notifications may also be posted around campus or in the campus newspaper. Crime and Security alerts will be issued via an e-mail sent out to all students, faculty, and staff alerting them of crimes that may put the campus at risk for both short-and long- term periods of time. Security Alerts are advisories reminding the campus community of crime trends, not necessarily in response to a specific crime.

If the Emergency Notification System is used, it will include a short message that the campus is either in a lock down and that everyone should lock themselves in place. Further details will be sent out as warranted.

Depending on the particular circumstance of the crime, especially in all situations that could pose an immediate threat to the community and individuals, Campus Security may also post a notice on the campus website that will provide the campus community with additional notice and information. In such instances, a copy of the notice will be posted in the residence halls, in the Stark Student Center, and the academic buildings. Anyone with information that would warrant a timely warning should report the information to the Campus Security Office by phone at 898- 1888 or in the Security Office in Heelan Hall.


Briar Cliff University maintains an emergency response plan to guide it through a sensitive or dangerous situation. Examples are, but not limited to, fires, explosions, natural disasters, and violent crime events. When such an event is verified, the university community will be notified via text, E-mail and action will be taken immediately to isolate the affected area, remove those in the affected area, and stabilize the area pending arrival of emergency response organizations. An emergency will be declared and the University Security Office will be established to resolve the situation and support any non-campus organizations called in to resolve the situation. When the EOC has determined the emergency has ended and it is safe to return to campus or resume regular activities, notice will be sent out to the entire campus community. Depending on the duration of an emergency, information will be sent out to the campus alerting them of the status of the situation.


If a member of Briar Cliff University has reason to believe that a student is missing, all possible efforts are made to locate the student to determine his or her state of health and well-being through collaboration of Campus Security, the Department of Student Development, and the missing student’s family and friends. If not located within 24 hours, appropriate family members, associates, or a university official will make an official missing person report with the law enforcement agency with jurisdiction. Anyone who believes a student to be missing should report their concern to Student Development or Campus Security. Depending on the circumstances presented to college officials, the parents of or the designated confidential contact of the missing student will be notified. In the event that parental notification is necessary, a university official will place the call. This policy is in compliance with Section 488 of the Higher Education Act of 2008.

The Briar Cliff official receiving the report will collect and document the following information at the time of the report: 

  1. The name and relationship of the person making the report.
  2. The date, time, and location of the missing student were last seen.
  3. The missing student’s cell phone number (if known by the reporter) The BCU official receiving the report will contact the Vice President of Student Development (or their designee) in order to inform him/her on the situation and to receive additional consultation.

Upon notification from an entity that a student may be missing, Briar Cliff may use any or all the following resources to assist in locating the student:

  1. Call the student's cell phone.
  2. Go to the student’s residence hall room.
  3. Talk to the student’s RA, roommate, and floor mates to see if anyone can confirm the missing student’s whereabouts and/or confirm the date, time, and location the student was last seen.
  4. Secure a current student ID (from Campus Security) or other photo of the student from a friend.
  5. Call and text the student’s cell phone and all any other numbers on record.
  6. Send the student an email.
  7. Check all possible locations mentioned by the parties above including but not limited to, library, residence hall lounges, student commons, fitness center, etc. The Campus Security Department and the Office of Residence Life may be asked to assist in order to expedite the search process.
  8. Contact or call other on-campus or off-campus friends or contacts that are made known. This includes checking a student’s social networking sites such as MySpace, Face book, or Twitter.
  9. Ascertain the student’s car make, model, and license plate number. A member of the Campus Security Department will also check BCU parking lots for the presence of the student’s vehicle.

The Briar Cliff University technology staff may be asked to obtain email logs in order to determine the last log in and or access of the BCU network.

Once all information is collected and documented and the Vice President of Student Development (or their designee) is consulted, BCU staff may contact the local police to report the information.

NOTE: If in the course of gathering information as described above, foul play is evident or strongly indicated, the police can be contacted immediately. If is it necessary to contact the local or state authorities, police procedure and protocol will be followed by the college.