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Adding, Dropping and Withdrawing from Classes

Students may add or drop classes in their schedules with the help of faculty advisors. Classes may be added or dropped within the first two days of the term only. During the next three days, courses may be added and dropped by picking up a Change in Registration form from the Office of the Registrar. After the first week, however, only the Registrar’s Office may change a student’s schedule.

Students must seek written instructor approval before adding a class after the first two days of a term. Adding a course will require the instructor’s signature approval during this three day period. Once the signature approval is returned to the Registrar’s Office, the course will be added to the student’s schedule. Dropping a course during this period will be completed in the Registrar’s Office. Students may withdraw from classes through the “last day to withdraw” date in a term.To withdraw from classes students need written consent both from their faculty advisor and from the instructor of the class from which they wish to withdraw.

When the deadline for withdrawing from a course has expired, students may withdraw but will receive a grade of ‘WP’ for withdraw passing or ‘WF’ for withdraw failing. ‘WP’ grades do not impact cumulative GPA. ‘WF’ grades calculate into cumulative GPA the same as an ‘F’ grade.

Financial aid will NOT be adjusted after the first week of the term regardless of changes in registration.

Special notice for military students:

Briar Cliff pledges full support to members of our military and/or the spouse of a member (if the member has a dependent child) of the Iowa national guard or reserve forces of the United States and those members who are ordered to state military service or federal service or duty.

If members of the military and/or the spouse of a member (if the member has a dependent child) are called to active duty within an academic semester, Briar Cliff will arrange for them to:

  • Complete courses for which they are registered at an accelerated pace;
  • Receive “delayed” grades so that these courses can be completed at the conclusion of active duty; or
  • Withdraw with a grade of “w” from one or more of the courses for which they are registered.

Military members and/or spouses of a member (if the member has a dependent child) will receive a full refund of tuition and fee charges for the academic semester in which they completely withdraw from the institution due to a call to active duty. Room and board charges will be refunded based on the percentage of semester completed. 


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