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Ken Berg

Ken Berg

Associate Professor of Education

Department: Department of Education
Phone: 712-279-5555
Email: Ken.Berg@briarcliff.edu
Office Location: Heelan 111


  • Ed.D., University of Minnesota, Educational Administration
  • Sixth Year Certificate Program, Mankato State University,;General Administration
  • M.S., Mankato State University, Secondary School Administration
  • B.S., Mankato State College, Mathematics and Physics
Ken Berg


I believe students learn by a variety of methods. The teacher needs to use direct methods and indirect methods to address the diverse needs of the students. When the teacher utilizes various methods of instruction, students are more actively engaged in the learning process.

I believe reflection is an essential part of the teaching/learning process. The instructional process is improved by reflection. Students in the Teacher Preparation Program gain skill in reflection by examining their teaching performance and projects.

I believe students need to be exposed to theory and research. Field experiences and projects are opportunities for students to connect theory and research to practice.

I believe learning takes place in a social setting. The teacher needs to develop a positive working relationship with the students by modeling positive qualities. The teacher needs to be sensitive to the backgrounds of the students in the classroom.


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