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Student in understanding psychology class.

Why This Program?

Better understand the mind and our actions.

Do you find yourself asking "why" a lot? Are you a great listener, with a knack for finding out what makes people tick? If so, psychology might be the right major for you. Psychologists are committed to helping people and solving real-world problems, and they do it just about anywhere: in schools, hospitals, the military, non-profit organizations, and even athletic teams!

  • Easy double major: Psychology can be applied in everything we do. Get an edge on your competition and add a psychology major to your list of accomplishments. With a flexible course sequence, Psychology allows you to complete most double majors in 4 years. 
  • Get real experience: Psychology majors can work side-by-side with professors in the Siouxland Research Center, which partners with public, private and non-profit organizations to conduct affordable research. Students can also do an internship at companies like Siouxland Community Health, Unity Point Health, local school districts, and many other non-profit organizations.
  • Boost your résumé: To help prepare you for graduation, students can complete Teaching Assistantships, Research Assistants, or do work study within the department.

Briar Cliff psychology program helps you explore the science behind behavioral, social, and cognitive processes, and how it applies to solving current issues such as violence, addiction, and mental illness. Using the lens of our mission of service, caring and openness to all, the psychology program is designed to instill and develop basic understanding of human behavior from various perspectives.