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Residence Life

The Briar Cliff University campus has four residence halls with a housing capacity of 580 students. Each hall is staffed by an area coordinator and resident assistants (RAs) on each floor. 


Freshmen and transfer students must complete and submit a Residence Hall Application as part of the enrollment process. Roommate selections will begin in the spring.

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Briar Cliff University believes that living on campus is a vital part of the college experience. The best college experience is one where the curriculum and the co-curriculum are seamlessly integrated. Given that the educational benefits of a residential education are many and well-documented, Briar Cliff University enforces the following residency policy in accordance with the Briar Cliff University Student Handbook:

“It is the policy of Briar Cliff University that all full-time undergraduate students are required to live in on-campus housing, and to be enrolled in an on-campus meal plan until a student has completed at least 91 credit hours (as determined by the Registrar) prior to August 1 of the applicable academic year in which the exemption is requested. Note that on-campus residency and on-campus meal plans are for an entire academic year.” 

Exceptions to this housing policy include:

  • Students living with their parents or legal guardians within commuting distance (40 miles) of campus. Proof of residence must be submitted to the Assistant Dean of Student Development prior to August 1 of the applicable academic year. The address listed on the most recent tax return for the parents of the student (if claimed as a dependent for tax purposes) or the independent student will be the determining address for purpose of this policy.
  • Individuals establishing independent student status. In order to establish independent student status, a student must meet one (or more) of the following guidelines and provide proof of same.
    • is at least 23 years of age.
    • is married
    • has children
    • is a veteran
    • achieves independent status in accordance with federal financial aid guidelines as verified by the Director of Financial Aid.

All Housing Exemption Request forms must be submitted prior to August 1 of the applicable academic year and approved in writing by Dave Arens.

PLEASE NOTE: Do not sign a lease for off-campus housing unless and until your Housing Exemption Request has been approved in writing as set forth above.


Residence Life Staff

Dave Arens
David Arens
Assistant Dean of Student Development; Director of Housing
Ashley Pawlowski
Ashley Pawlowski
Area Coordinator, Alverno and Toller Halls