Undergraduate Program

Bachelor of Arts

Major, Minor, and Teaching Endorsement


Female student following along as professor teaches spanish class.


Why This Program?

The Spanish program provides a solid foundation in listening, verbal, writing, reading skills, and life-long learning experiences in Spanish. The curriculum emphasizes the development of a cultural understanding of the Hispanic people through the study of language, culture, literature, and an international experience. Mastery of the language and understanding of the culture are our goals.

  • Cultural Knowledge: Explain how cultural characteristics, history, values, beliefs, and behaviors of the Hispanic/Latinos cultural groups affect their health.

  • Cultural Awareness: Recognize that Hispanic/Latinos patients have different values shaped by diverse cultural backgrounds. By being respectful of others and accepting people's opinions, rights and feelings students allow themselves to develop more successful personal and professional relationships and benefit from cultural diversity.
  • Cultural Sensitivity: The Unites States is a mosaic of cultural cultures and ethnicities with multiple health practices. Being aware that cultural differences and similarities between people exist without assigning them a value – positive or negative, better or worse, right or wrong.
  • Cultural Competence: Develop the ability to effectively interact, work, and develop meaningful relationships with Hispanic/Latino patients of various cultural backgrounds.

Explore the many offerings at Briar Cliff with a Spanish focus.

  • Spanish-International Club
    Increase your knowledge of the cultures, economies, histories, environment, and contemporary affairs of Latin America and the world to foster cooperation and understanding among students from all over the world.
  • Spanish for Health Care Professionals Concentration
    Spanish for Health Care Professionals is designed to meet the education and continuing education needs for special vocabulary and expressions for the health care provider.
  • International Business Concentration
    Be prepared with the knowledge, languages, cultural skills, and global perspectives required to succeed in the global workplace.