Spanish for Health Care

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Dr. Wilfredo (Willie) Suarez teaching class.

Why This Program? 

Speaking the language and understanding the culture.

Spanish for the Health Care Professionals is designed to meet the education and continuing education needs for special vocabulary and expressions for the health care provider. This program emphasizes developing student skills in communication across ethnic, cultural, ideological, and national boundaries. Develop an understanding and appreciation of the Spanish language and culture as a health care provider by engaging in an understanding of other cultures and patterns of patient thought. 

These courses are offered to healthcare providers, undergraduate students, and graduate students looking to enhance their cultural competence and improve communication with patients. This series of classes will teach you to deliver care in a manner that meets the social, cultural, and linguistic needs of your Spanish speaking patient population.

Outcomes You Can Expect

  • Cultural Knowledge
  • Cultural Awareness
  • Cultural Sensitivity
  • Cultural Competence