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Dr. Wilfredo (Willie) Suarez teaching class.

Why This Program? 

Speaking the language and understanding the culture.

Briar Cliff University is committed to increasing the number of health care providers that can effectively communicate health information using the Spanish language. This series of courses is intended for post licensure health care professionals that deliver direct care to patients. We are the only institution in Siouxland to offer this curriculum to health care providers. Our courses are not just designed to help you learn to speak Spanish. You will build a foundation to understand and connect with Spanish speaking patients. Go beyond using words and deliver care in a way that shows your understanding of the patient’s cultural history, values and beliefs. 

  • Enhancing cultural competency: This series of classes will teach you to deliver care in a manner that meets the social, cultural and linguistic needs of your Spanish speaking patients population. Enroll in this series to experience positive learning outcomes in: cultural knowledge, cultural awareness, cultural sensitivity, and cultural competence. 
  • Immersion experience: Once you complete the first two courses in the Spanish for Health Care Professional series, you will have the option to travel abroad for two weeks to participate in a complete immersion experience of the Spanish language and culture. Students will visit the University of Cadiz in Spain or the University of the Andes in Santiago, Chile and learn about health care delivery, attending classroom language instruction communicating in medical Spanish, building fluency while also learning how culture and medicine interconnect in one of the best health care systems in the world.
  • Choose your classroom experience: Get the convenience of in-person, hybrid or an online program without sacrificing the classroom experience. Content is delivered with online modules and weekly webinars. You can log in from anywhere and interact with your classmates and professor.

These courses are offered to healthcare providers, undergraduate students, and graduate students looking to enhance their cultural competence and improve communication with patients. This series of classes will teach you to deliver care in a manner that meets the social, cultural, and linguistic needs of your Spanish speaking patient population.