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The Compass is dedicated to enhancing the educational experience, increasing student success, and surpassing institutional learning outcomes. Through holistic advising, innovation, advocacy, and authentic relationships, the Compass leads the practice of curricular and co-curricular navigation services within the campus community.

A student can be referred to the Compass anytime by raising an “academic concern” flag in Starfish or by sending an email to To provide the best service, it helps to provide some detail regarding the reason for the referral. Once the student is referred to the Compass they will be assigned to a Navigator in the Compass.

The Compass helps Briar Cliff University students in the following ways: 

  • Direct them to University polices and important academic guidelines
  • Connect the student to the appropriate department or campus resource
  • Provide information to students about majors or aid those considering another major
  • Navigate last minute requirements for graduation (understanding waivers, choosing courses outside BCU that the Office of the Registrar accepts towards graduation, or provide suggestions to problem solve and keep the student on track to graduate)
  • Facilitate meetings between advisors and/or coaches with the student in cases when appropriate
  • Assign students to Academic Peer Mentors 
  • Address and problem solve overall course concerns

Students may self-refer by presenting themselves to anyone within the Compass or by emailing

There’s no substitute for the personalized service the Compass provides, but here are some resources you can use related to specific student success topics:


We all know how it feels to have no motivation to do your necessary to-dos. We have some tips on how to get out of that rut and prepare you for success.

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Note Taking Strategies

One of the most basic study skills is note taking. Come to class prepared and better your notes so you can retain what you learn for those tests!

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Reading Strategies

We know how it goes when you read the same sentence over and over again. Try not to let what you learn go in one ear and out the other. Find the reading strategy best suited to your needs.

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Succeeding in Online and Hybrid Courses

Classes will look a little different this year, and that is okay. We planned ahead and helped prepare you for success in all your courses in-person, online and hybrid.

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Time Management

Class. Practice. Job. Studying. Other job. Club meeting. Where is all your time going? Time management is an important but difficult skill to master. Get your planner ready!

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Working with Your Academic Advisor

College is a huge transition and a strange one at that. Our academic advisors are here to help you develop those skills to overcome those barriers. Your advisors want to see you succeed.

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The Compass Staff

Maria Slaughter
Director of Strategic Initiatives
(712) 279-5407
Erin Small
Erin Cron
Director of The Compass
Alicia Harper
Alicia Harper
Assistant Director of New Student Navigation and Leadership & Service Coordinator
Justin Rhodes
Justin (Jay) Rhodes
Director of Multicultural Programs & First-Year Academic Navigator
Blanca Gomez
Blanca Gomez
Program Coordinator for Student Navigation Services
Maria Cancino
Maria Cancino
Coordinator for Academic Navigation
Nicole McGlauflin
Director of Personal and Professional Development