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Toller Hall

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Toller Hall houses first-year men and women at Briar Cliff. 

Each room in Toller is home to two resident students and furnished with built-in dressers and two built-in closets. Two desks are provided in each room and cannot be removed. Beds and desk chairs are available to students requesting them.

Each of the four floors in Toller has its own laundry room and study lounge. Two Resident Assistants live on each floor except for first, which has just one RA.

Briar Cliff's football and soccer offices are located on the ground floor of Toller Hall. 

Toller Hall is also one of two halls on campus designated as dry. 



Students per room: Two
Floor (feet):
 9.10" x 15.11"
Height (feet): 8"
Window (inches): 42" x 72"
Laundry rooms: One per floor (pay with credit or debt card at machine)
Furniture: Two beds*, two desks, two chairs, two closets & two dressers.

*Lofts available for rent ($129 per year) 

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