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STUDENT BLOG: You know you're a BCU student when… (part 2)

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Classic BCU!

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1. Java City knows your coffee order.

You know you’re a pretty loyal customer when you can get up to the cash register and your order is already in the computer. All you need to do is add a bakery case item or some soup and you’re good to go for the rest of the day.

2. You consider your hall mates your second family.

Freshman year, your hall mates are the first ones you meet on campus. As you continue at Briar Cliff, that doesn’t seem to change. Every year, I’ve found a new friend on my floor. Nothing like jamming out to Beyonce while you’re both taking a shower before your 8 am. Am I right?

3. Someone uses their flex dollars…on you.

You only have so many flex dollars each semester, and while some students use them wisely, others run out in the first couple months. However, there’s always those students (especially towards the end of the semester) who still have an overabundance of flex dollars and willing to share with everyone in line.  

4. Sister Janet has scoped you out in the cafeteria.

Looking down and avoiding eye contact, won’t work. Trust me. Whether it’s to meet you for the first time or to see if you’ve turned in your Antioch application, Sister Janet will find you one way or another. But that’s okay. It will brighten your day, believe or not.  

5. You have sand in your crevices from the sand volleyball courts.

Francisco De Mayo is one of Briar Cliff Student Government’s most anticipated events. Even before that event, it’s fun to grab a couple friends and have a friendly four-on-four game. It’s even more fun to wash all the sand out between your toes and fingernails for the next week.

6. You know the secrets of Antioch.

When I signed up for Antioch, I asked around to see what happens during the retreat. Everyone who replied told me, “Oh, you’ll find out” with a little smirk. And boy, did I. If you haven’t signed up yet, do it. It’s like being a part of a special secret club.

7. Most of your t-shirts have some sort of Briar Cliff emblem.

I mean, what is college without the free t-shirts? There’s so many activities and clubs that give you a t-shirt or two just for participating or even just showing up to an event. The Roth Bookstore has some pretty fresh looks to check out too.

8. A nursing student has tried to take care of you while sick.

Ever had a tickle in your throat or thought you had a fever but don’t want to go off campus to check it out? Our nursing program is one of the top in the Midwest. With that said, our nursing students know what they’re talking about. It’s like having your own personal WebMD at your disposal.

9. You hear the Cliff Singers practicing between the hours of 1 and 4 every Monday through Thursday.  

If you’re ever in the Atrium between 1 and 4 pm, you might hear the lovely voices of our very own Cliff Singers practicing for their next performance. It’s like getting an exclusive sneak peek at what’s to come.

10. You still say hi to people you haven’t talked to since freshman year.

I see people from my freshmen learning community, and you can bet I still strike up a conversation with them if the chance presents itself. Floor mates are the same way. We talk about that one time the boys from fourth floor had unofficial Toller Wars or when we would hide in closets to scare our roommates. 

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