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Criminal Justice Program

Degree Type: Bachelor of Arts — Program Overview

Do you find yourself glued to courtroom dramas or police and crime shows? Could it be that your fascination actually stems from your interest in the law or law enforcement? Well, majoring in criminology would provide a great base for you to become a lawyer, police officer, counselor, or just about anything else related to our country’s legal system!

Get a well-rounded degree.

At Briar Cliff, you won’t just learn how our justice system works, but also why it works. Explore current-day issues like immigration, terrorism, drug abuse, and cruel and unusual punishment; through the lenses of sociology, political science, psychology, social work — and most importantly, our Franciscan mission. 

Gain hands-on experience.

You’ll have the chance to compete in a regional crime scene investigation (CSI) competition, participate in a mock trial — even shadow a local law enforcement professional! Finally, you’ll cap your collegiate experience with a senior internship with local or state law enforcement, the court system, a counseling facility, or other criminology related organization. 

Be a name, not a number.

Learn under faculty who have years of real practice in law and law enforcement. And with our small student-to-faculty ratio, you’ll form relationships with your professors that last a lifetime.

Minor in legal studies.

Interested in becoming a lawyer? Pick up a minor in legal studies — the best way to prepare for success in law school after Briar Cliff!

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