Dentistry - Pre-Dental Program | Briar Cliff University

Pre-Dentistry Program

Degree Type: Bachelor of Science in Biology, Chemistry or Biochemistry
Program(s) Offered: Preprofessional Program

Prepare for dental school with real, hands-on experience. Study inside one of the region's only educational cadaver labs, or work with some of the most state-of-the-art biology equipment and chemistry laboratories that any undergraduate school our size has to offer. Boost your grad school credentials with a solid internship and research opportunities. Study under some of the most accomplished faculty in the region (and with a 12:1 student-to-faculty ratio, you'll be a name here — not a number). 

Our graduates have gone on to study at schools including the University of Iowa, Creighton University and the University of Nebraska Medical Center, among others.

Pre-dentistry majors at Briar Cliff are recommended to select one (or more) of the following majors:

Biochemistry Major

How does life work? Biochemistry helps find the answer, which means it's a great launching point for a career in dentistry — or anything else that has to dow ith nature or science. Simply put, biochemistry is the study of how life works at the molecular level.

Core courses:

  • BIOL 151 — General Biology
  • BIOL 357 — Genetics
  • BIOL 420(L) — Cell & Molecular Biology (w/lab)
  • BCMB 10IS — Molecular & Genetic Techniques I
  • BCMB 20IS — Molecular & Genetic Techniques II
  • BCMB 401-03 — Biochemistry Research Project I, II & III
  • CHEM 111(L) — Principles of Chemistry (w/lab)
  • CHEM 112(L) — Principles of Chemistry II (w/lab)
  • CHEM 337(L) — Organic Chemistry (w/lab)
  • CHEM 338(L) — Organic Chemistry II (w/lab)
  • CHEM 442(L) — Biochemistry (w/lab)
  • CHEM 443 — Biochemistry II