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College is stressful. Between class, tests, papers, extracurriculars, social life, family, work ... things can escalate quickly. We know, because we’ve been there. And we’ve got good news: you're not alone!

Students: Are you having a hard time focusing or getting organized? Have you been out of school for a while? Did you never really have to study in high school? Or do you just need someone to listen? Academic Peer Mentors are here to help! Make an appointment or stop by the upper level of the library.

Parents: Encourage your students to ask for help early in the semester. We have a variety of academic and campus resources at BCU, and we reach out to students who are missing class or receiving D’s and F’s by Week 4 of the semester. If they don’t know where to go for help, it’s simple: tell them to begin with Academic Achievement. Our doors are always open!

What we do:

Our Academic Peer Mentors will:

  • Help their peers find the best note-taking, self-quizzing, organization and time management techniques that work for them. From flash-cards to creating a daily planner to reading a textbook, the APMs have a lot of tips and tricks up their sleeves. And they are committed to find what works best for you!
  • Listen to their peers in one-on-one meetings. Sometimes not doing well in class isn’t really about the class or content—often, it’s about stress. If you are worried about making friends, just had a breakup, or constantly thinking about tuition, it can often really help to get it off your chest with a person who most likely knows exactly what you’re experiencing.
  • Partner closely with students who are working hard to increase their academic standing. Academic Probation ‘happens,' but APMs are here to support their peers, and help them set goals so that Academic Probation doesn’t ‘happen’ for very long.
  • Provide good customer service! Sometimes you just have to start out with a peer mentor to see who you should really be talking to at BCU. Meet with them even though you may end up elsewhere to officially get your answers (like the Director of Career Education, Activities Director, Registrar, etc)!
  • Know technology. They can show you the basics of Brightspace, Starfish and Webadvisor. Don’t be embarrassed to ask!
  • Give good guidance. They know how to navigate through college. They know how to prepare for quizzes, and why it’s different than preparing for exams. They know that homesickness doesn’t always happen in the beginning. And they know what a promissory note is, and how to sign up for classes, how to change majors and much more. And they are here to share their knowledge with you!

Who we are:

Jamie Jacobsen

Jamie Jacobsen

HOMETOWN: Treynor, Iowa
GRADE: Sophomore
MAJORS: English & Social Work
SPORT: Cross Country & Track/Field
HOBBIES: Reading, writing, running, cooking, baking, crafting
FAVORITE TOPIC TO ADVISE: Comprehensive reading strategies, note-taking skills
WHY DO I LOVE BEING AN APM? Because I have fun helping people find new and innovative ways to be successful in their studies!

Deane, Madison

Madison Deane

HOMETOWN: Omaha, Nebraska
GRADE: Junior
MAJOR: Biology
SPORT: Softball
HOBBIES: Volunteering, reading hikinh, traveling, power napping, and softball
FAVORITE TOPIC TO ADVISE: How to stay sane while juggling sports, homework, naps, extracurricular activities and friends
WHY DO I LOVE BEING AN APM? Because I like helping people reach their full potential and I want to ensure that everyone has a successful college experience!

Hemelberg, Nicole

Nicole Hemelberg

HOMETOWN:Bogota, Colombia
GRADE: Sophomore
MAJOR: Biology and Psychology
HOBBIES: Going to the movies, cooking, spending time with family and friends
FAVORITE TOPIC TO ADVISE: Time management and dealing with stress
WHY DO I LOVE BEING AN APM? Becuase I really like jhelping people find their own way to be successful and ensure that they have a great time at BCU!

Lamoureux, Jordyn

Jordyn Lamoureux

HOMETOWN:Sloan, Iowa
GRADE: Junior
MAJOR: Accounting and Business Administration
HOBBIES: Spending time with friends and family, listening to music, searching Pinterest, DIY arts and crafts, and watching Netflix
FAVORITE TOPIC TO ADVISE: How to use a planner
WHY DO I LOVE BEING AN APM? Because I like helping students reach their goals and succeed. I love that I am able to be someone a student can count on for advice and help.

Brinkman, Abiail

Abigail Brinkman

HOMETOWN: Jackson, Minnesota
GRADE: Sophomore
MAJOR: Nursing
HOBBIES: I enjoy spending time at home, reading, watching Friends, coloring, boating, and traveling
FAVORITE TOPIC TO ADVISE: Time management skills and how to balance academics, sports, and work.
WHY DO I LOVE BEING AN APM? Because I like to see the progress that is being made within each student and the relationships that are built along the way.

Rusk, McKenzie

McKenzie Rusk

HOMETOWN: Wakefield, Nebraska
GRADE: Senior
MAJOR: Kinesiology and Human Performance
SPORT: Basketball
HOBBIES: Frolfing, hiking, and playing with dogs.
FAVORITE TOPIC TO ADVISE: Time management and organization
WHY DO I LOVE BEING AN APM? Because I love being able to show students the potential that the've always had but have never seen in themselves.

Valencia, Renata

Renata Valencia

HOMETOWN: Quito, Ecuador
GRADE: Junior
MAJOR: Business Administration and Graphic Design
SPORT: Soccer
HOBBIES: Camping and spending time with friends and family  
FAVORITE TOPIC TO ADVISE: First Language Spanish and assisting international students
WHY DO I LOVE BEING AN APM? Because I am able to help students and see their improvement.

Allen, Breanna

Breanna Allen

HOMETOWN: Crofton, Nebraska
GRADE: Sophomore
MAJOR: Kinesiology
SPORT: Basketball
HOBBIES: Spending time with family, being outside, and playing basketball with my siblings
WHY DO I LOVE BEING AN APM? Because it is a wonderful opportunity to help someone who needs it. I get to be a very small part in the success of someone else and make an impact on them, hopefully in more way than just school, and this drives me to be the best I can be and allows me to push them to be the best they can be.

Presilla, Arianna

Arianna Presilla

HOMETOWN: Miami, Florida
GRADE: Sophomore
MAJOR: Marketing
HOBBIES: Running, cookin, taking pictures, and fashion
FAVORITE TOPIC TO ADVISE: Note-taking, goal-setting, homesickness, and time management
WHY DO I LOVE BEING AN APM? Because I love meeting new people and enjoy helping students find the perfect strategy to succeed in college.


McCormick, Jessie

Jessica McCormick

HOMETOWN: Dubuque, Iowa
POSITION AT BCU: Director of Academic Achievement
FAVORITE TOPIC TO ADVISE: Dealing with stress
WHY DO I LOVE BEING AN APM? Everybody at some point during their years at BCU needs someone to listen, and I love to be that ear.

Office Details

Bishop Mueller Library
8 a.m. — 4:30 p.m., M-F

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