Exercise Physiology

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Undergraduate Program

Bachelor of Science



Male student performing grip strength test.

Why This Program? 

The relationship between the mind and all physical activity.

A degree in Exercise Physiology explores the basis of the acute response and chronic adaptation of physiological systems to a wide variety of stressors, stress well beyond "just" exercise. While one outlet of this degree includes athletic performance, other aspects of exercise physiology include the role of physical activity on impacting chronic diseases, or the application of exercise to improve or maintain health, all the way through the use of the healthy practices of daily living to promote a higher quality of life.

  • From Class to a Career: This degree prepares students for work in clinical exercise physiology, additional education (e.g., M.S. or Ph.D. in Exercise Physiology), and a specific health sciences discipline (e.g., Doctorate in Physical Therapy, Medical Doctorate, M.S. PhysicianÂ’s Assistant).
  • A mission that matters: Pursue a career path in health, wellness, physical education, health care, and sports performance.
  • Be a name, not a number: Learn from professors who are renowned, published, and practicing in their field. With our small student-to-faculty ratio, you'll get the attention you deserve!