Heelan Staircase

The long, winding Heelan staircase greets anyone arriving on the south side of Briar Cliff's campus. Once you reach the top, you are awarded with one of the most spectacular and breathtaking views in Sioux City, overlooking Sioux City to the south and the protected prairie grassland to the west. 

The cross at the bottom of the staircase used to be perched atop the belltower on the Chapel of Our Lady of Grace, before the University was forced to tear it down in 1988 due to structural deficiencies. Briar Cliff salvaged the cross, however, and it overlooks Sioux City to this day. 

There has been some sort of stairway leading up Briar Cliff since the University was founded in 1930. This particular staircase stands where a University-sponsored golf course was once located.