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Alverno Hall

Alverno Hall houses both men and women, divided by floor, including a mix of first-year and upper-class students.

Each room in Alverno is home to two resident students and furnished with built-in dressers and two built-in closets. Beds and desks are available to students who request them. Each floor in Alverno has its own laundry, kitchenette, computer lab, and study lounge. Each of Alverno's four floors is divided into two wings. One resident assistant (RA) lives on each wing.

Alverno Hall houses the Vista Lounge, which overlooks the Stark Student Center and can be used as a conference room or a student lounge.  Student health service offices, athletic training center and athletic offices for golf, cross counrty and track and field are located on ground floor of Alverno. 

Alverno is also one of two halls on campus that is designated as alcohol free.

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Students per room: Two
Floor dimensions (feet)
: 9.9" x 16"
Height dimensions (feet): 8"
Window dimensions (inches): 43" x 71"
Laundry rooms: One per floor (pay with credit or debt card at machine)
Furniture: Two beds*, two desks, two chairs, two closets & two dressers.

*Lofts available for rent ($129 per year). More info »

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