Undergraduate Program

Bachelor of Arts

Major, Art Minor, Art History Minor, Teaching Endorsement


Hispanic male painting on a canvas in the North Hall art studio.


Why This Program?

The art program prepares artistically competent and liberally educated individuals. Students will develop their intellectual abilities and technical skills through studio production, art history critical theory seminars, and education method courses. 

  • Studio Production: Students are taught drawing, design, painting, sculpture, mixed media, and ceramics in the North Hall studios as they begin their artistic development, with the solid foundations followed by a progressive studio experience.
  • Education Methods:  Elementary and secondary art education students learn by doing, in order to master best practices for sharing their artistic appreciation and helping to instill an artistic foundation in every young person. 
  • History and Critical Theory: Students will learn about the history of art from ancient times through contemporary, as well as art theory and criticism.

This program allows students to progress from a basic understanding of artistic thinking and forming to a more critical and mindful stage where they comprehend current aesthetics within the visual arts they see on a day-to-day basis.