DPT Program Clinicals

Clinical experiences will give you the chance to apply the techniques and theories you learned in the classroom. As an integral component of the physical therapy curriculum, it is imperative that clinical education experiences reflect the mission and vision of the Doctor of Physical Therapy (DPT) program at Briar Cliff University.

Clinical Sites

The Director of Clinical Education has secured hundreds of clinical experiences across the nation. The University is committed to placing students in experiences that meet their educational needs. Upon matriculation into the program, students meet with the Director of Clinical Education individually to match their professional goals with clinical education placement.

Interprofessional, Service-Learning Experiences

Briar Cliff University's DPT program creates interprofessional service-learning opportunities, which provides you with hands-on clinical experience, working alongside professors and clinical leaders from the community.

Center for Health Care Initiatives

The DPT program also partners with Briar Cliff University to offer interprofessional service learning opportunities with faculty and clinicians. In doing so, you will gain vital experience and correlate what you learn with hands-on learning opportunities that help meet the needs of Siouxland's underserved populations.

Professional Liability

Briar Cliff University has professional liability insurance that covers students and faculty members in clinical and community settings when participating in activities related to Briar Cliff University. 


The clinical education student handbook (PDF) serves as a supplement to other BCU Doctor of Physical Therapy and Briar Cliff University student handbooks.

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