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Career Pathway Exploration Week | Education Session

 Tuesday, November 3
 3:00 PM - 5:00 PM
 Virtual Event | Register Now

Briar Cliff University is excited to invite you to virtually participate in our first-ever Career Pathway Exploration Week!

Our admission team is dedicated to helping you navigate your next steps. This Career Pathways Exploration Week is designed to do just that. These 2-hour virtual sessions will include meeting with our admissions to learn about BCU, our faculty to learn more about academic pathway options, current chargers experiencing these academic programs, and alumni who work in your academic pathway of interest.

The Education Pathway Session will include insights into the education, secondary education, and special education programs available at Briar Cliff University.

Let us help you find the right pathway to your future career. 

 Contact Admission Team: (712) 279-5200 or