Integrated Multimedia Center

The Integrated Multimedia Center (IMC) is the central hub for all mass media and graphic design studies at Briar Cliff. It is connected to the BCU Radio studio, the BCU video production studio and the Cliff News staff office.

The facility has film, slide transparency and photo scanning capability; digital non-linear video and audio editing; CD-Rom production; web page design and digital video capabilities.

The student newspaper, Cliff News, is produced and placed on the Internet on a weekly basis. All editorial content in the newspaper is produced with In-Design and placed on the web via Macromedia Dreamweaver and Adobe Acrobat. All of the photos in the electronic newspaper are digitally captured on Nikon D80 digital cameras and edited in Adobe Photoshop.

The facility serves as a digital darkroom where students can print to one of three Epson 4000 color inkjet printers. Images can be scanned at one of the seven scanning stations which include a film and flatbed scanner. Video production is accomplished on Final Cut Pro software.

Dual flat-screen computers set up in "quads" allow students to work in close communication with each other. The workstations are networked together via the computer network (LAN), allowing file sharing and and collaboration. The lab is accessible 24 hours a day by authorized students (students majoring in graphic design or mass communications, or students enrolled in courses that require the use of the lab).

View the IMC Handbook (PDF)