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Baxter-DiGiovanni Center

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The Baxter-DiGiovanni Living and Learning Center houses upperclassmen in apartment-style living suites.


Baxter-DiGiovanni has its own laundry facility, kitchenette, lounge. All furniture in Baxter is included with the room. There is no option to remove it; with the exception of couches provided the residents ask for and receive permission from their Area Coordinator. The entire residence hall is air-conditioned. 

Baxter-DiGiovanni is also one of two "wet" dorms on campus, as long as every resident is age 21 or older. Housing selection is done based on a point system, which takes into account a student's class standing, GPA, years lived on campus, previous years lived in the hall and judicial background.

Two Resident Assistants (RAs) live in Baxter, one on the second floor and one on the fourth.



Students per suite: Four
Student ages: Juniors and Seniors
Two bedrooms, living room & bathroom.

Floor dimensions (feet)
: 13' x 11'
Height dimensions (feet): 8"

Living Room:
Floor dimensions (feet)
: 17' x 9'
Height dimensions (feet): 8"

Laundry rooms: One per building (1st Floor) (pay with credit or debt card at machine)

Bedroom furniture: Two bunkable beds, two wardrobes, a double dresser, and a desk with chair.
Living room furniture: Additional built-in closet and countertop, two desks with chairs, a couch, a living chair and an end table.

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