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Winter Survival Guide: The Cliff Edition

All aboard the struggle bus, winter is here! Not everyone is from the Midwest, so you may not be as prepped and ready for the snow as you think. Little things like having the right kind of boots on and wearing layers are not always going to be your saving grace, although they are super important. There are other factors to consider other than just being prepared for the cold.

If you live on campus in Toller or Alverno Hall, do yourself a favor and use the tunnels. To the Baxter and Noonan folk, wear some good boots and trudge gracefully. If you do not own large coats meant for the snow, go to Plato’s Closet, Goodwill, or other consignment stores to get some for cheap. If you can, get hats and warm pants to wear as well. PSA: If you’re going to wear jeans in the snow, wear some leggings underneath them. They will get DRENCHED. When wearing boots in the snow, make sure they’re rubber or water resistant. No Uggs, Bearclaws, Timberlands, Dr. Martens, etc... they will be ruined. Sometimes shoes with thick soles, i.e. Dr. Martens, can freeze and feel like you’re wearing ice skates.

Having the right tools in your car will be a huge lifesaver. Make sure to have a scraper for your windows and windshield. When there’s sleet, rain will freeze into ice that’s near impossible to get off without a scraper. SIDEBAR: make sure your windows are rolled up all the way. Not only do you not want snow to get in your car and get everything wet, but it can also freeze your windshield from the inside. Keep emergency gear such as ice melt, kitty litter (for traction), extra gloves/hat/scarf/blanket, phone charger, etc. With the windchill, it gets down to the negative 20s, so you’ll be thanking yourself later.

This cannot be stressed enough, DRIVE CAREFULLY. To the out-of-staters and further, black ice is super dangerous. It will make the roads very slick and you won’t always be able to see it. Do not go speeding to work just because the roads look decent. Also keep a snow shovel in your car in case a snow plow blocks you in (it happens).   

Tips about the Dome, the dirt parking lot gets flooded often during the wintertime so make sure to wear your boots to walk in and not your practice gear. Coaches do not like when mud is tracked ,in so a change of shoes will be necessary.

Don’t let the Iowa winter get to you, plan ahead of time!

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