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Student Blog: Nine Things for Incoming Freshmen To Do Before Going to College

High school is finally over. You’ve survived long nights of homework and danced the night away at prom. Between spending time with friends, squeezing in your last vacation as a high schooler, working and spending time with your fam, summer is quickly winding to an end. To help you get ready to head off to your future alma mater and have a summer you’ll never forget, avoid that awkward, “What did you do this summer?” question and do these nine things before moving into your dorm room!

1. Binge Some Classic Movies and Netflix Shows

From Jurassic Park to Step Brothers, Stranger Things to The Office, the opportunities are endless—there are plenty of “movies and shows you need to watch before you die” lists on the web! Save yourself from the dreaded “I can’t believe you haven’t seen this.” Plus, bonding over your favorite movies and shows is a great way to make new friends.

2. Eat at Your Favorite Restaurants

Before you say hello to dining hall food, head over to your favorite restaurants. Kill two birds with one tasty stone by getting a group of friends together to catch up and hang out before saying goodbye while eating all of the delicious foods that you'll miss while you're at school. After all, doesn’t everyone love bonding over a scrumptious meal?

3. Spend Time with Your Family

Gone are the days when your dad dropped you off a block and a half away from school. Believe us, you’re going to miss your family when you don’t see them every day. Cherish the time you have left by running errands with them, watching a movie or helping cook dinner.

4. Try New Things

It’s not a new idea, but trying new things like food, yoga, rock climbing, video games, knitting and much more is a great way to expand your horizons before heading off to college.

5. Connect with Your Roomie

Send your future roommate a text and get to know them before move-in day. Share fun facts and stories to get the conversation rolling. The first few days will be less awkward if you already know about their favorite activities and what music they listen to.

6. Road Trip with Your Friends

Before you and your friends head off to colleges around the country, it’s important to spend quality time together. Whether you all pack into a car or splurge on an airplane ticket, the memories you create will bring you closer together and can keep you motivated to stay in touch while in college.

7. Sign Up and Attend Orientation

Even though college has not begun, attending college orientation is a must. Not only does it allow you to get a step ahead by registering you for classes and getting to know the campus, but you get to spend time with and meet your new classmates – maybe even your roommate! This will help you avoid those awkward first day moments.

8. Follow Your New School on Social Media

Like, subscribe and follow your college on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Snapchat and YouTube to stay in the loop about upcoming deadlines, events and opportunities. If you're interested in using social media in your career, contact your school's marketing department about interning or being a social media ambassador!

9. Be a Tourist in Your Hometown

You know you love (and sometimes hate) it, but exploring your hometown like it’s your first time will give you a chance to discover hidden gems and appreciate your favorite places even more.

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