STUDENT BLOG: Five reasons to spend your Spring Break doing service work

STUDENT BLOG: Five reasons to spend your Spring Break doing service work

Student volunteers work at a local Habitat for Humanity building site during one of many Spring Break service opportunities available to BCU students.

Spring Break 2017 runs from March 4-11. With less than a month to go, and with the 60-degree weather this week, if you're like me than you're probably catching spring fever (even though the groundhog has predicted more weeks of winter).

This year, there are amazing Spring Break service opportunities for us, in both Sioux City and Omaha! Why should you care? Well, because…

1) What else are you going to do with your time?

College students love breaks. We drool over the thought of sitting around and doing nothing, but usually just end up getting bored for days at a time. Instead of being lazy all of spring break, why not do something productive ... even fun?

2) It’s less expensive.

Trips to tropical places cost a pretty penny. Why drop a load of cash on a trip to Panama City when you can spend $100 OR nothing at all to do service and make a difference?

3) You have the chance to go somewhere and do something new.

You can either A) get away from The Cliff for a while to do work around Sioux City or B) head to Omaha to experience a new city and serve a new population. Either service site can serve as a mini-vacation from the academic atmosphere of college.

4) You’re serving people in need.

If you’re down for some physical labor, do some construction work for Habitat for Humanity in Sioux City, and help out families in need of housing. In Omaha you’d have a chance to work with poor, inner-city students and do outreach to the homeless population.

5) You get to work with Sister Janet or Gil.

If you choose either of these service opportunities, you’ll wind up working with one of the two coolest people on campus. If you need more reasons to sign up, you clearly haven’t received a Sister Janet hug or a Gil Ridenour smile lately … Two very worthy causes could use your help.

One person can make a difference! See Sister Janet in Campus Ministry to sign up for spring break service today.


Jamie Jacobsen

Jamie Jacobsen is a junior English major from Treynor, Iowa. She is also an Academic Peer Mentor (APM) at Briar Cliff, which means she helps other students find ways to succeed in college. If you can’t find her on campus, search the trails around BCU — where she’ll be logging miles to stay in shape for Charger track and cross country.


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