“Things I'm grateful for, after our mission trip to Honduras”

STUDENT BLOG: “Things I'm grateful for, after our mission trip to Honduras”

During J-Term, a group of Briar Cliff students embarked on a mission trip to poverty stricken Honduras, where they helped level new construction ground for a Franciscan mission near the town of Gracias. After the trip one of the students, Sidney Marks '18, reflected on the new perspective she has on life — including a few things she's especially thankful for:


One restaurant we frequented had Internet access — and that's it. It was one of the highlights of our days, being able to text our loved ones and tell them how we're doing and what we've been up to. 

Hot water.

Any girl on the trip with long hair (and Josh Canter, with his man-bun) can attest to this one. You would think after a long, hard day of work that a cold shower would feel like heaven on Earth. But take one for 11 days straight, and you don't ever feel truly clean!

Trash cans.

I didn't realize how mountainous Honduras was until I got there. It's beautiful...until you look down. The country doesn't have a garbage disposal system, so people literally just throw stuff out their car and house windows or just burn it.

Sonic (and other fast food chains).

The food in Honduras was pretty great (s/o to Don Chano and his fam for that), but after the 4th day all I wanted was a Chicago dog and cherry limeade.

My health.

Who knew you could get a cold in Honduras? Well once in a blue moon you can, and it really sucks when mom isn't there to help take care of you. There were other instances of sickness on the trip, and I can say with complete confidence — you don't want to go to a Honduran hospital knowing little to no Spanish.


Shoutout to Mackenzie Lien for showing us this sweet mobile app. Why waste data and time texting pictures when you can so simply accept a request to transfer them instead?  

Traffic laws.

You don't realize what you have until it's gone. I thought Sioux City drivers were crazy, however you haven't experienced the 😬 emoji until you ride in a bus in San Pedro Sula that takes the chance of barely fitting between a pair semis, or one that swerves around every pothole in the road (there were tons). I'm glad we have the laws (and the roads) that we do. 

A good septic system.

When I got to the airport and could finally flush my toilet paper, I felt the true satisfaction of being back ... even if it was only Houston. You can bet I flushed waaaay more than I should have. 

My BCU community.

I've heard from so many before the Honduras mission trip was a once-in-a-lifetime experience. Sure, you can see pictures and videos on Facebook and Snapchat, but until you go and experience it yourself, you'll never get the full effect. Late night talks, hard work, being introduced to a new culture, learning new cards games and SO much more happens while on this mission trip. 

If able, I suggest everyone take a chance and go on the Honduras mission trip experience!



Sidney Marks

Sidney Marks is a junior mass communications major from Omaha, Neb., with minors in social media and graphic design. She goes by many titles — Java City barista, Peer Advising Leader (PAL), Cliff News writer, Campus Activities Board (CAB) member and her favorite: SidKneeCap. Now, you can add world traveler to that list!


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