Charger Health Check FAQs

What is Charger Health Check?

Charger Health Check is a daily COVID-19 symptom scoring survey for the BCU campus community.  Every morning, all students, staff, and faculty will receive a text (SMS) reminder to complete their survey on their mobile phone to obtain their color-coded pass. 

Understanding Your Results:

  • Green – allows you unrestricted access to class and activities
  • Yellow – further action is needed before going to work or class
    • Students must visit the Health Office for clearance (Alverno G4) 
    • Employees must contact their supervisor
  • Red – please stay home
    • Students must contact the Charger Health Team via email
    • Employees must contact their supervisor

Frequently Asked Question and Answers


I did not receive the text.  What should I do?

There are a few reasons why you may not have received the text (SMS) message. 

  • You cell phone number is not on your user profile in Charger Stable.
    • Resolution – Please update your cell phone number in Charger Stable, then let us know HERE to confirm the change.
  • You cell phone number is on your user profile in Charger Stable but is denoted as your “Home” number.
    • Resolution – Please change the “Home” designation to “Mobile” in Charger Stable, then let us know HERE to confirm the change.
  • Your cell phone carrier filtered the text as SPAM.
    • Resolution – Text “CHARGERS” to 712-214-5994.  This will opt you in for the daily text (SMS) messages moving forward.

Although the automatic text (SMS) reminders are convenient, they are not required for you to fulfill your daily Charger Health Check requirement.  You can always request the Charger Health Check link to be sent to you by following the instructions for your classification:

  • Students (not student-athletes): Text "The Cliff" to 58052
  • Athletes/Athletics Staff: Text "Chargers" to 58052
  • Employees: Text "BCU" to 58052
  • Visitors:  Text “BCU Visitor” to 58052

On rare occasions, there may be other technical issues that may need to be looked in to.  Let us know HERE if you need assistance in diagnosing your text delivery issues.


When do the text reminders come?

The daily text (SMS) reminder goes into the que to be sent at 7:00am every morning.  The process can take up to 15 minutes before the text (SMS) message arrives to your phone.

  • Students – everyday at 7:00am
  • Athletes & Coaches – everyday at 7:00am and 2:00pm (2pm only needs to be completed on competition dates)
  • Employees – Monday-Friday at 7:00am

What if I need to go to campus before I get the morning text (SMS) reminder?

The URL that is sent in the daily text (SMS) reminder does not change and is the same link every day.  You can bookmark the link in your mobile browser or refer back to the text (SMS) message from the day prior.  You do not have to wait until receipt of the text message to complete your daily survey.


How do campus visitors get screened?

All visitors to the BCU campus are required to complete the Charger Health Check.  To do this, visitors can send a text (SMS) message that says “BCU Visitor” to the number 58052.  There will be an immediate autoreply with their link to their Charger Health Check form.  After successful completion (with no symptoms) they will be given a green pass.


I do not have a cell phone.  How do I participate in the Charger Health Check?

Individuals that do not have a mobile smartphone can complete the Charger Health Check from any internet device by going to:  This link will not change, so you may save/bookmark it if you find that most convenient.


I changed my cell phone number.  How do I get the Charger Health Check texts sent to my new number?

If you change your cell phone number, update your user profile in Charger Stable then let us know HERE so we can verify that the change was made.  Despite changing your phone number, your daily URL to Charger Health Check will not change.


The symptom scoring survey will not let me advance to the next question.

Scroll up to make sure that you have not accidently skipped over a previous question.  All questions on the survey are required and it will not let you advance to the next question until all previous questions are answered.


What do the color-coded access passes mean?

Green – allows you unrestricted access to class and activities

Yellow – further action is needed before going to work or class

  • Students must visit the Health Office for clearance (Alverno G4)
  • Employees must contact their supervisor

Red – please stay home

  • Students must contact the Health Office via email
  • Employees must contact their supervisor

Gray – the Charger Health Check survey has not been completed today


How long is the access pass good for?

The Charger Health Check access pass expires at 12:00am every night.  At that point, it will turn to gray you will have to complete a new survey to get a new pass.


When I click on the link, it takes me to a page that says “Unauthorized” or “Restricted Area”

20.08.24 Charger Health Check Restricted

These users may be caught in a bad “session.” Typically, this can be resolved by refreshing the page or opening the link in a new browser.  If it doesn’t work after several attempts, please tell us HERE


Who should I contact if I have technical issues?

Please fill out our troubleshooting survey if you have any technical issues relating to Charger Health Check.