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Briar Cliff Reports Enrollment Growth

Briar Cliff University experienced notable growth in new first-year students, citing a 26.5% increase from the previous year.

“We are excited to welcome this new class to The Cliff,” says Matt Thomsen, Vice President of Enrollment Management at Briar Cliff University. “BCU has so much to offer these students. Our campus size and location not only serve as a benefit in our offerings in academics, athletics, and activities – but it also provides additional peace of mind for safety and security. Our location allows us to provide a home-away-from-home with reduced risk amid this pandemic.”

Additionally, Briar Cliff noted an increase in enrollment in graduate programs and in healthcare fields, specifically a 104% increase in Master of Healthcare Administration, 11.8% increase in RN to BSN, and 7.2% increase in Master of Science in Nursing. 

“Briar Cliff has a long history of preparing graduates who serve our communities,” adds Dr. Rachelle Karstens, President of Briar Cliff University. “For nearly a century we have been preparing ethical leaders with liberal arts skillsets who make a difference in every industry, especially healthcare. It is great to continue to see this passion in our students now and into our future.”

Briar Cliff also reports an increase of 61.7% in the number of enrolled high school students and a 48% increase in graduate students pursuing Master of Arts in Management: Sports Management. 

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