Why every Briar Cliff student should go on the Antioch Retreat

Briar Cliff offers some amazing opportunities for students’ spiritual development. One in particular, a semi-annual event, is the student-led Antioch retreat.

Acts 11:26 reads, “…it was in Antioch that the disciples were first called Christians." This three-day weekend retreat derives its name from this Biblical verse.

While Antioch offers many exciting surprises (seriously, it’s like Christmas morning for three days), there are also some predictables that should be mentioned, so that students know what a (re)treat they're in for:


Antioch Sister Janet

1) A whole weekend with Sister Janet and Gil

Briar Cliff has the coolest campus ministers. Could you really ask for more in life?


16.10.28 Antioch Retreat

2) A chance to connect with peers

Antioch always seems to attract some really cool people. Maybe you’ve never met so-and-so who’s a different grade and has never been in any of your classes…well, prepare to meet them, find out how awesome they are, and become really, really good friends. I know from experience that Antioch is a great chance to get to know some amazing individuals—both student leaders, and students on the retreat.


Antioch Relax

3) Time to unplug/unwind

Antioch is a chance to get away, re-charge, and re-evaluate. You have time to focus on yourself, and your relationships with God and others. You may not return to Briar Cliff a whole new person, but you will return feeling recharged and rejuvenated with more clarity than you can imagine.


Antioch Spirit

4) Some fantastic talks

If you attend Antioch, you’re in for a fantastic learning experience. You will hear talks given by those same extremely cool peer leaders that you’re getting to know/make connections with throughout the retreat. The leaders poured blood, sweat, and tears (ok, maybe just a lot of ink and caffeine) into them, and it’s surprising and awesome how easily you will find yourself identifying with them and taking important lessons away from them.


Antioch Group

5) Good fellowship, food, and fun

As a college student, giving up a weekend can be a huge sacrifice. Antioch is definitely worth it, though. Antioch is a retreat, but it is also jam-packed with fun activities and delicious food. You will make so many memories with such spectacular people—you will remember Antioch for the rest of your life!

Antioch is centered around a different theme each time, but emphasizes students’ growth in their faith lives. This theme for this fall's Antioch, held Nov. 4-6, is “When Oceans Rise.” To sign up, contact Sister Janet in campus ministry.



Jamie Jacobsen

Jamie Jacobsen is a junior English and social work double-major from Treynor, Iowa. Besides being a marketing intern for The Cliff this semester, she is also an Academic Peer Mentor (APM) at BCU, which means she helps other students find ways to succeed in college. If you can’t find her on campus, search the trails around BCU — where she’ll be logging miles to stay in shape for Charger track and cross country.


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