BCU recognizes student employee for making the right calls

Dillian Broadnax

Dillian Broadnax receives his "Student Employee of the Year" award from Toni Tschann, director of the Charger Call Center. Dillian co-supervises at the Call Center for his work study job.

SIOUX CITY, Iowa — Dillian Broadnax is many things: Pre-med major. Student ambassador. All-American sprinter.

Add one more thing to the list.

Dillian, a senior from Cedar Hill, Texas, was recently named the "Student Employee of the Year" for his work as a co-supervisor the Charger Call Center. The award honors a BCU student who is an exceptional employee, either at a work study job on campus or at a non-profit organization around Siouxland.



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It may surprise people that a guy labeled by his friends as "soft-spoken" works at a Call Center. But on weeknights, that's where you'll find Dillian, reaching out to university alumni by phone and training other students to do the same.

"Dillian has a quiet leadership about him," says Toni Tschann, director of the Call Center. "He's not a 'big gesture' kind of guy, but he has a competitive nature. He wants to win. He won't say, 'it's good enough.' He's got to be the best."

That steely, competitive nature is obvious — at work, in the classroom and on the track, where Dillian runs second leg on the Chargers' 4x400-meter relay squad. In March, the team took fourth place at the NAIA national indoor meet.

Dillian applies that same drive when he's seeking pledges at the Call Center.

"Although he was new to the call center in the fall, Dillian quickly became a true leader," Tschann says. "He would fire up the competitive side of the callers on his shift by encouraging his teams to get more pledges than the other teams."

After graduation, Dillian plans on attending med school to become a physician specializing in infectious diseases. He has his sights set on serving as a missionary and helping with the AIDS crisis in Africa.

Like Dillian, most BCU students are eligible to sign up for work study jobs around campus. You can find work study openings and other job and internship opportunities on BCU's College Central Network, or by contacting the Career Development Office »

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