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Students Receive Program Awards and Honors Recognition

Briar Cliff is pleased to announce the winners of program awards as well as recognizing this year’s graduating class of the Honors Program.


Undergraduate Program Awards:

Accounting – Harrison Jestel

Art – Joseph Hoyt

Applied Health and Exercise Science – Breanna Allen

Business Administration – Jin Onoe

Marketing – Arianna Presilla

Entrepreneurship and Small Business Management – Austin Roetman

Sports Management – Aubury Coleman & Kathleen Glover

Dorothy Collins Art Scholar – Mai Nguyen

Biology – Jackson Lamb

Environmental Science – Grace Whitlaw

Chemistry – Jenessa Kardell

Biochemistry – Casey Zoss

Computer Science – Erin Gaitsch

Mathematics – Anna Taylor

Criminal Justice and Sociology – D’earion Stokes

Elementary Education – Ashley Hohenstein

Secondary Education – Ryan Harrel

English – Brittany Evanger

Writing – Brittany Greiner

Sister Loyola Service Award in English/Writing – Rebecca Thoms

Digital Communications – Dylan Speer

Graphic Communicatinos – Rachel DeMoss

History – Anna Taylor

Music – Michael Danner

Nursing – Laura Sanders

Psychology – Summer Williams

Sister Muriel Ford Social Justice Award – Amanda Asay

Spanish – Isela Enriquez

Theology – Andy Geelan


Graduate Program Awards:

Distinguished Graduate Student in Exercise Physiology Award – Chase Lester

Distinguished Graduate Student in Health Administration Award – Samantha Dodd

Distinguished Graduate Students in Master of Arts in Management:

         Human Resource Management – Blanca Gomez

         Leadership – Kaila Antisdel

         Sports Management – Megan Glover

Distinguished Graduate Student in Nursing Award – Megan Ng

Distinguished Doctor of Nurse Practitioner Award – Shannon Merk

Distinguished Graduate Student in Physical Therapy Award – Jordan Cumbo


Distinguished Senior Alumni and Graduate Student Awards:

Distinguished Senior Alumni Award – Danielle Ullman

Distinguished Graduate Student Award – Mitchell St. Clair


Honors Program Graduates:

Ana Freire

Anna Taylor

Danielle Ullman

Colin Werner

Casey Zoss


The Honors Program at Briar Cliff creates a community for like-minded motivated students to come together and share transformational experiences.

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