Briar Cliff designated a “2015 STEM Jobs Approved College”

Briar Cliff designated a “2015 STEM Jobs Approved College”

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SIOUX CITY, Iowa — Briar Cliff University has been designated a 2015 STEM JobsSM Approved College by Victory Media, the leader in successfully connecting individuals in transition with education and career opportunities, and creator of STEM JobsSM media, education and career resources for students interested in science, technology, engineering and math.

STEM Jobs College

The 2015 STEM JobsSM Approved Colleges inaugural list is the first of its kind to rate universities, colleges, community colleges and trade schools on their responsiveness and relevance to high demand, high growth STEM occupations. Briar Cliff University was among over 1,600 schools participating in the STEM JobsSM survey process.

“It’s an honor to be selected as a “2015 STEM JobsSM Approved College,” said Beverly Wharton, Briar Cliff University President. “At Briar Cliff, we focus on creating an education experience for STEM students that prepares them to make a lasting impact as they pursue a career. This award further emphasizes our level of commitment to our students.”


  1. They have aligned their STEM programs with high paying jobs that are in demand.
  2. They have programs, resources and relationships that help their students get jobs.
  3. They are attracting and supporting diverse students and faculties in STEM fields.
  4. They have specific resources dedicated to supporting STEM student achievement and success.

(These criteria and a complete description of methodology, advisory board and services is available at



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