Roundtable panelists

Briar Cliff Holds Roundtable Discussion with Local Colleges on Iowa Tuition Grant

November 9, 2021

Representatives from local colleges, the Iowa Association of Independent Colleges and Universities, and Iowa legislative members were invited to Briar Cliff University to a roundtable discussion on the importance of continuing and, ideally, increasing funding for the Iowa Tuition Grant (ITG). The presidents of three regional colleges joined together to voice support for the Iowa student financial boost that comes from the grant.

The Iowa Tuition Grant is a proven program that has been an instrumental piece of financing for students who attend private colleges and universities in the state of Iowa. It was established in 1969 with an initial appropriation of $1.5 million; and for 2021-22 the state appropriation was $48.8 million.

“State investments in the Iowa Tuition Grant Program are critical in driving our work at Briar Cliff University to help produce tomorrow’s workforce and servant leaders. This grant provides critical financial access to post-secondary education opportunities for low-income, first generation, and academically-skilled Iowa graduates,” said Dr. Rachelle Keck, Briar Cliff University President. “These grants also enable the university to help produce graduates who ultimately populate Iowa’s professional skills workforce as well as owners of small businesses and entrepreneurs.”

In recent years, approximately 10,000 grants have been made annually. The current annual maximum grant per student is $6,850. Increasing the statewide annual appropriation to $50 million will provide a maximum grant of just over $7,000 per student, providing critical assistance to Iowa high school graduates who choose to further their education in our state. This academic year, the ITG was awarded to nearly 1,500 students who attend the three universities represented at the Tuesday event, totaling nearly $7 million.

“The Iowa Tuition Grant is a substantial reason I can attend Briar Cliff and have great college experiences,” said R.J. Harris, a junior at Briar Cliff University. “Without the Iowa Tuition Grant, many students like myself, would be forced to work more hours at a job, limiting their time and opportunities to go further in their academics, athletics, and campus involvement."

The Iowa Tuition Grant financing for the 2022-23 academic year will be reviewed when the Iowa Legislature convenes in January.

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