Lakey Martin Speaks at ITG Round Table

Briar Cliff Holds Round-Table Discussion on Iowa Tuition Grant

November 29, 2022

Northwest Iowa legislative members were invited to Briar Cliff University to a roundtable discussion Tuesday on the importance of continuing substantial funding for the Iowa Tuition Grant. The presidents of three colleges joined together and voiced support for the financial boost that comes from the ITG.

The Iowa Tuition Grant is a proven program that has been instrumental in financing students who attend private colleges and universities in Iowa. The Iowa Tuition Grant was established in 1969 with an initial appropriation of $1.5 million; for 2021-22 the state appropriation was nearly $49 million

“The Iowa Tuition Grant is an important financial aid package for students that reside in Iowa,” said Dr. Patrick Jacobson-Schulte, Briar Cliff University Interim President. “This allows young adults to pursue their dreams of becoming doctors, educators, or anything they dream to be. The opportunity to pursue higher education should not be denied because of financial reasoning.” 

Continuing the maximum grant at the level of $7,500, or higher, per student, will help make college affordable for students who choose from the many private colleges in Iowa. The ITG this academic year went to nearly 140 Briar Cliff students, for nearly $900,000.

“The Iowa Tuition Grant has granted me many opportunities and the chance to further my medical sciences education to help those in need,” said Analy Phonephakdy, a senior at Briar Cliff University. “With that financial help, I can focus and put more energy into my classes rather than spending most of my time working.” 

The Iowa Tuition Grant financing for the 2023-24 academic year will be up for action when the Iowa Legislature convenes in January 2023. 

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