Human Performance

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Undergraduate Program

Bachelor of Science



Male student measuring the pulse and oxygen level as another student runs on treadmill.

Why This Program?

Preventative action is the key to lifelong health and wellness.

A degree in Human Performance (previously known as Kinesiology & Human Performance) delves into the relations of health and fitness.

  • From Class to a Career: With a background provided in physical activity, nutrition and coaching, students pursuing this degree may choose to work in the wellness field, personal training, coaching, or strength and conditioning. Graduates may also choose to seek a graduate degree, and they will find that this degree ideally prepares them for an M.A./M.S. in coaching, strength and conditioning or health promotion.
  • A mission that matters: Pursue a career path in health, wellness, physical education, health care, and sports performance.
  • Be a name, not a number: Learn from professors who are renowned, published, and practicing in their field. With our small student-to-faculty ratio, you'll get the attention you deserve!