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Students talking in the Prayer and Reflection Garden.

Why This Program? 

Discover your purpose & diversify your skill set.

The theology program is the point where faith and reason intersect. This curriculum is designed to inspire soul searching and confronting issues that impact us all, such as poverty, equality, and care for the environment through the lens of our Roman Catholic and Franciscan heritage. Student engage in passionate debates while still respecting all viewpoints.

Make sure your theology degree is tailor-made to fit your needs, by choosing one of these three tracks:

  • Theology Teaching: Students who wish to teach religion in Christian schools, including Catholic Schools, or to work in parish catechetical programs, may choose this track. Combine theology and education majors, and earn a Religious Teacher certificate from the Catholic Diocese of Sioux City.  
  • Biblical Theology: This track provides students with a firm foundation in understanding the ancient sacred texts of Judaism and Christianity, helping them to develop the interpretive and analytical skills necessary for responsible theological inquiry. Choose this track if you want to concentrate on scriptural studies and the influence of the Bible in culture. 
  • Theological Foundations: This track provides students with a solid grounding in Christian teachings that will inform both their other academic work and their future career choices. If you're thinking about combining your theology degree with another major, this track is offers an ideal path for blending your interests.

Theology is not only a great major, its also a great second major! With 30 credits to pursue the program, many students choose Theology as a second major, to further support their passion and background offerings.