Theology - Minor Degree Program | Briar Cliff University

Theology (Minor)

Degree Type: Primary or Secondary Minor

Students who wish to include a broad exposure to basic Christian teachings in their liberal arts education may elect to minor in theology. While the department emphasizes the Roman Catholic and Fransiscan heritage of the University, students of other traditions will find courses among the department's offerings that challenge them to consider the essential quesitons of life's meaning in light of their own traditions.


Theology (Minor) Courses

THEO 115 - Foundations of Christianity

This course will explore the essentials of Christian faith and practice, particularly as they are expressed in Roman Catholic Christianity. Students will be invited to reflect on the meaning of faith, the relevance of the message and mission of Jesus Christ for the contemporary world, and the role of personal spirituality in everyday life. Offered in spring for honors students. Read more »

THEO 204 - Christian Morality

The Christian life is a response to God's saving act and the life and teachings of Jesus Christ. This course investigates the basic concepts and approaches to moral decision making and considers selected questions and issues that pose moral dilemmas in contemporary society. Spring offering for honors students. Read more »

THEO 223 - Old Testament

This course is a study of the formation and composition of the Old Testament as an inspired record of the progressive revelation by God to Israel and the faith response of God's people, as well as preparation for the revelation of/in Christ. There is a special emphasis on basic theological themes and their applications to the lives of the people of God today. Read more »

THEO 405 - Christology

This course introduces the student to the ways that Christians have expressed their belief that God has accomplished our redemption through the life, death and resurrection of Jesus of Nazareth, whom Christians call the Christ. Beginning with the primary source for our knowledge about Jesus, the New Testament, especially the Gospels, students will learn about the person of Jesus, the doctrines of Incarnation and Trinity, and the various ways that Christians have attempted to explain Jesus' work of salvation through the centuries. Prerequisite: THEO 115 or THEO 116, and THEO 224, or consent of instructor. Offered even years in spring. Read more »

Additional Program Requirements

 The theology minor requres three additional THEO courses, two of which must be numbered 300 or above and one of which is strongly recommended to be THEO 405.