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Theology and Philosophy are the "sister sciences" that help us to understand the world around us; theology builds on what we receive in faith through God's revelation and philosophy builds on what we receive through thoughtful consideration of the world around us. While the department emphasizes the Roman Catholic and Franciscan heritage of the University, students of other traditions will find courses among the department’s offerings that challenge them to consider the essential questions of life’s meaning in light of their own traditions.

Students in the Theology-Philosophy Department become informed and articulate persons who are prepared for careers of service in the church and society. Their involvement in the Theology-Philosophy department will introduce them to the spirit of the Catholic university as presented by Pope John Paul II in Ex Corde Ecclesiae. We also encourage students to develop their own spirituality in the course of their studies as well as to participate in supervised internships that prepare them for leadership roles in ministry to the church.

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PHIL 100 - Introduction to Philosophy
PHIL 110 - Logical Thinking
PHIL 175 - Independent Philsophy Study
PHIL 210 - Ethics
PHIL 212 - Ethics in Business and Society
PHIL 215 - Philosophy in Film, Literature and Art
PHIL 220 - Philosophy of Religion
PHIL 275 - Independent Philosophy Study II
PHIL 300 - History of Philosophy: Ancient and Medieval
PHIL 310 - History of Philosophy: Modern
PHIL 320 - Philsophy of Law
PHIL 375 - Independent Philosophy Study III
PHIL 410 - Metaphysics
PHIL 475 - Independent Philosophy Study IV
PHIL IR - Philosophy Independent Research
THEO 107 - Christian and Franciscan Traditions
THEO 115 - Foundations of Christianity
THEO 116 - Church in the World
THEO 195 - Theology of Harry Potter
THEO 203 - Protestant Churches
THEO 204 - Christian Morality
THEO 223 - Old Testament
THEO 224 - New Testament
THEO 245 - Catholic Social Teachings
THEO 255 - Christian Spirituality and Prayer
THEO 260 - Francis, Clare and Franciscan Spirituality
THEO 270 - Mission and Discipleship
THEO 285 - Special Topics in Scripture
THEO 295 - Special Topics in Theology
THEO 310 - Ministry
THEO 325 - Liturgy and Sacrament
THEO 345 - Ecclesiology
THEO 361 - Pentateuch
THEO 362 - Prophets
THEO 363 - Gospels
THEO 364 - Paul
THEO 368 - Biblical Hebrew
THEO 369 - New Testament Greek
THEO 385 - Special Topics in Scripture II
THEO 395 - Special Topics in Theology II
THEO 405 - Christology
THEO 445 - Christian Anthropology
THEO 450 - God: Father, Son and Holy Spirit
THEO 480 - Biblical Theology
THEO 485 - Special Topics in Scripture III
THEO 491 - Senior Seminar
THEO 495 - Special Topics in Theology III


Dr. Paul Korchin

Paul Korchin
Assistant Professor of Theology & Philosophy; Department Chair

Stephen Brown

Stephen Brown
Professor of Philosophy

Kristen Drahos
Assistant Professor of Theology; Endowed Sisters of St. Francis Chair

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