Sociology - Minor Degree Program | Briar Cliff University

Sociology (Minor)

Degree Type: Primary or Secondary Minor

The sociology minor is designed to develop basic comprehension of the social lives of individuals, groups, culture and major social institutions. These skills are valuable in a variety of career fields, including business, law, law enforcement, government, social work, health care and education, among others.

Sociology (Minor) Courses

SOCY 124 - Principles of Sociology

Introduction to the field of sociology and its theories, concepts and research methods. Main topics are culture, the family, socialization, deviance, social stratification, race relations, gender, and economic and political globalization. Read more »

SOCY 340 - Social Science Research Methods

Principles of problem formulation, design, measurement, sampling, data collection and analysis; ethical considerations for research on human subjects. Students are given the opportunity to design or carry out a research project. Prerequisite: SOCY 124 or instructor's consent Read more »

Additional Program Requirements

The sociology minor requires a trio of other 3-credit courses, one of which must be numbered 300 or above.