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Social Research

Degree Type: Primary or Secondary Minor

The sociology and criminal justice department offers an interdisciplinary minor in social research. The minor prepares interested students to participate actively and responsibly as researchers in their local communities, for business and governmental agencies, and for national and international organizations.

Social Research Courses

MATH 200 - Elementary Statistics

An introduction to the theory and applications of statistics intended for students in business, nursing and the social sciences, but also recommended for students in the liberal arts. Topics include measures of central tendency and variability, probability distributions, confidence intervals, hypothesis testing, linear regression, correlation, analysis of variance and nonparametric statistics. This course is not open to those in a mathematics major. Prerequisite: MATH 10 or recommendation of the department chairperson based upon mathematics assessment Read more »

PSYC 295 - Experimental Psychology

Emphasizes the study of experimental methodology, research design, and analysis of research data using SPSS. The laboratory sessions provide practical experience in conducting research and learning to communicate research results. Prerequisite: PSYC 110 and MATH 200. (Instructor permission required) Read more »

SOCY 340 - Social Science Research Methods

Principles of problem formulation, design, measurement, sampling, data collection and analysis; ethical considerations for research on human subjects. Students are given the opportunity to design or carry out a research project. Prerequisite: SOCY 124 or instructor's consent Read more »

SOCY 341 - Statistical Analysis

A research methods course involving the collection, manipulation, analysis and reporting of social science data using computer software (SPSS). Students will process original or secondary data and prepare reports for public presentation. Prerequisite: SOCY 340 or instructor's consent. Read more »

SOCY 342 - Advanced Research Methods

Further study of survey designs, qualitative field methods, and types of program and policy evaluation including needs assessment, process and outcome evaluation, social impact analysis and cost-benefit analysis. Prerequisite: SOCY 340 Read more »

SOCY 384 - Geographic Information Systems

Introduction to the computer software used to map the geographic distribution of a variety of social and physical variables and social indicators. Read more »

Additional Program Requirements