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Our Services

The Siouxland Research Center works closely with clients to identify research or evaluation needs and to select appropriate methods and tools. Services offered include, but are not limited to:

Survey Research: Analysis of quantitative methods of information gathering; reporting on individual group and electronically collected data.

Field Interviews and Observation: Study of attitudes, trends and social mannerisms using mixed methods of personal interviewing and surveillance.

Focus Groups: Examination of attitudes and trends using a qualitative format in a group dynamic.

Telephone Surveys: A means of examining attitudes and trends using a more personal format by asking particular questions with one respondent at a time.

Data Management & Analysis: A study by reduction, summarization, tabulation and graphical analysis of data.

Empowerment Evaluation: The design, implementation and interpretation of program results, where the client is an active participant.

Program Evaluation: Assessment of goals, objectives, outputs and impacts of program implementation and outcomes.