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Legal Studies (Minor)

Legal Studies

The program in legal studies is designed to prepare students in any major for success in law school. The American Association of Law Schools recommends that students receive a broad liberal arts education and hone their critical thinking, analytical, communications, and reading comprehension skills during their undergraduate careers.

The legal studies program is designed to hone these crucial skills to help students prepare for law school in addition to providing them with a solid background in the American legal system.

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Legal Studies (Minor) Courses

BUAD 223 - Legal Environment of Business

Major areas to be covered include the nature of and origins of law; ethics and social responsibility of business entities; our judicial system; the development of our common law system; the differences between the various areas of the law; elements necessary to establish and give rise to an intentional tort and negligence; the elements necessary to establish a contract; and the differences between business entities such as a sole proprietorship, partnership and corporation. Read more »

PHIL 110 - Logical Thinking

An introduction to principles of good reasoning. Shows how to assess arguments, how to formulate cogent arguments and how to recognize and avoid logical fallacies. Read more »

PHIL 320 - Philsophy of Law

This course focuses on three major interrelated areas in the philosophical approach to understanding law: the nature of law, including philosophical justifications and explanations of law and the relation between law and morality; processes of legal reasoning; and, important court cases showing applications of philosophy, philosophical ethics, and logic to various important legal and ethical issues. Read more »

PSCI 101 - American Government

This course covers the basic elements of politics and government at the national level in the United States. It examines the structures, processes, behaviors, institutions, and policies of the American system with a relative emphasis on conflicting theories of power. By the end of the semester, students should have a solid understanding of how the system operates in addition to a comprehension of some of the key issues that face the country today. Read more »

PSCI 245 - Constitutional Law

An introduction to the study of constitutional law. A study of the interpretation of the federal constitution through leading decisions of the Supreme Court. Read more »

PSCI 321 - Mock Trial

An introduction to the litigation process. The course will begin with an introduction to court procedure, rules of evidence, examination of witnesses, and case development, with the majority of the course devoted to preparing for and engaging in a mock trial. Students will take the role of attorney in the trial simulation, becoming familiar with the U.S. court system and furthering their critical thinking and public speaking skills. Enrollment limited to juniors and seniors, with preference given to students pursuing the Legal Studies minor. Read more »

SOCY 376 - Sociology of Law

Study of the origin and types of law, ideas of justice and rights; and theories of punishment; comparision of the U.S. legal system and approach to punishment with that of other nations. Offered even years. Read more »

WRTG 159 - Contemporary Argument and Research

In this class, students will explore current events and discuss their own reasoned perspectives on contemporary issues. Read more »

Additional Program Requirements

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