Technical Standards

Briar Cliff University prohibits denial of university privileges to students or applicants for admission on the basis of race, color, religion, gender, national origin, age or disability. It is expected that all candidates meet minimum technical standards to function successfully as students.

The following general abilities have been identified as necessary to meet the technical standards for admission: the student must possess the functional use of the sense of sight, touch, hearing and smell. Candidates must also possess a sense of equilibrium along with sufficient motor function to carry out psychomotor activities required in nursing. Additionally, the student must possess the cognitive and affective skills to perform the assessment and intervention activities required in providing nursing care. These general abilities will be required to meet the objectives of undergraduate courses and will be evaluated throughout the program.

Students are required to complete a criminal and abuse registry background check, in accordance with the Iowa Board of Nursing Qualifications:

  • All of the applicants who have criminal conviction(s), other than a minor traffic violation, must submit copy(s) of the sentencing order(s) when submitting application materials (for licensure to the Iowa Board of Nursing).
  • In order for an individual to become a licensed nurse in Iowa, the person must first graduate from a state board approved nursing program.
  • Information pertaining to individual criminal records prior to completion of an education program cannot be obtained from the Iowa Board of Nursing. Questions concerning acceptance into a nursing program, due to history of a criminal conviction(s) will need to be addressed by the nursing program.
  • At the time of application (for licensure), the Iowa Board of Nursing will review each individual application and criminal record. The Board of Nursing will make the final decision regarding licensure.

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