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Choir Tours

There are countless advantages to joining and participating in the choral opportunities that are available at Briar Cliff. However, the one that stands out to most our graduates are the adventures we take together. Every year that you are involved in the music at The Cliff you will have the opportunity to participate in our Annual Choir Tour. 

In the past these trips have featured a tour a variety of domestic and international destinations. Some of our larger trips have included destinations like Hawaii, Mexico, Italy, France, Germany, the Czech Republic and a Caribbean Cruise so more 

Interested in adding your voice to the mix? Contact Us! 

Choir Tour 2012

PHOTO: The Cliff Singers during their 2012 tour at the Castiglione del Lago in Italy.

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Melanie Krieps Mergen

“Now that I’m in a graduate program for writing, I’m realizing now more than ever how outstanding the Modern Languages department is,” says Melanie. “My time as an English major at Briar Cliff gave me the foundation I needed to hit the ground running.”

Melanie Krieps Mergen

English and Music