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Extracurricular Opportunities

Spanish Club

Spanish Extracurricular

The Spanish Club is an organization that enriches the knowledge of the Hispanic culture on campus. It’s open to any student, no matter the background in the Spanish language, and wishes to expand cultural awareness. Their mission is to emphasize giving back to the community in the Sioux City area.

Fundraising events hosted by the Spanish Club are not only designed to raise money for the club, but also a family in need in the community. The Spanish Club has also participated in cultural celebrations throughout Siouxland, such as the annual multi-cultural parade in South Sioux City and Day of the Dead exhibits.

Spanish Mentors

Spanish Mentor Renata

"As the Spanish tutor, I oversee helping students that have any doubts, or that are struggling with Spanish classes. However, tutoring is not limited strictly to class work. The hours are open if you want to simply have a talk. One of the advantages, is being able to interact with a diverse range of students that are involved in different activities here on campus.” - Renata Valencia

Spanish Mentor Eduardo

“When I worked at LauchPAD, I discovered the complexity of seeing the world in two ways. Translating documents and on-site event helping has enhanced my public relations skills both in English and Spanish. LaunchPAD is a multifaceted learning environment in which kids´ creative and cultural aptitudes are stimulated. I am deeply grateful for the opportunity to do my internship there. Now I know that I want to work for a company that is devoted to social inclusion and multicultural environments.” - Eduardo Valencia, Intern at local nonprofit organizations in the Sioux City area

Upcoming Events

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Melanie Krieps Mergen

“Now that I’m in a graduate program for writing, I’m realizing now more than ever how outstanding the Modern Languages department is,” says Melanie. “My time as an English major at Briar Cliff gave me the foundation I needed to hit the ground running.”

Melanie Krieps Mergen

English and Music