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Department of Kinesiology & Human Performance

About our Department

The Department of Kinesiology and Human Performance curriculum offers a nationally recognized set of professional-preparation programs and a service program geared to meet the present and future fitness and recreational needs of Briar Cliff students.

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Oct 14, 2016

Briar Cliff, Musketeers hockey team up for strength training partnership

Aug 3, 2016

BCU kinesiology director recovers from traffic injuries, wins national acclaim

Jul 19, 2016

Briar Cliff welcomes Dr. Michael Waller, associate professor of kinesiology

Jul 18, 2016

Dr. Andrew Shim, Briar Cliff Professor, Named Director of the Year at the 39th Annual NSCA National Conference

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HPER 119 - Introduction to and History of Physical Education
HPER 175 - Independent HPER Study
HPER 214 - Physical Education Activities for Pre-K to 6 Elementary Schools
HPER 231 - Recreation Leadership
HPER 232 - Camp Counseling
HPER 261 - Practicum in Athletic Training
HPER 275 - Independent HPER Study II
HPER 338 - Teaching Movement Pre K-6
HPER 375 - Independent HPER Study III
HPER 382 - Curriculum, Computers/Media and Methods of Phys. Ed.
HPER 383 - Advanced Physical Education Skills
HPER 385 - Concepts of Coaching
HPER 4(x) - HPER Activity Courses
HPER 443 - Organization and Administration of Physical Education and Athletics
HPER 461 - Advanced Athletic Training
HPER 475 - Independent HPER Study IV
HPER 490 - HPER Internship
HPER 51 IR - Adapted Physical Education: Theory and Practice
HPER 52 IR - Recreation for the Disabled Person
HPER 53 IR - Adapted Physical Activities: Living and Working
HPER 61 IR - Senior Practicum
HPER 63 IR - Methods of Teaching Track and Field
HPER 64 IR - Fitness Testing and Exercise Prescription
HPER 65 IR - First Aid and CPR Instructors Course
SPTS 490 - Sports Science Internship
SPTS 65 IS - First Aid and CPR Instructors Course
SPTS 70 IS - Cardiovascular Physiology


Mark McGlynn
Assistant Professor, Department of Kinesiology & Human Performance

Michael R. Kushnick
Professor and Chair, Department of Kinesiology & Human Performance

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