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Professional Development School

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What is the Professional Development School?

During your junior year as a teaching candidate at Briar Cliff, you’ll be placed with one professional teacher inside a real classroom at neighboring Leeds Elementary School. This is where you'll get credit for your methods of teaching courses (reading, language arts, math, social studies and science), as you work with real students in real learning situations.

“I’m learning the students’ names. While the teacher was dealing with another student, I was able to be up front and finish going over a math worksheet, and I wasn’t nervous!”

— PDS teaching candidate

As you put theory into practice in a classroom setting, you will build relationships with students. This will increase your confidence and ultimately prepare you for your student teaching experience.

The Briar Cliff PDS is based upon the standards of the National Association of Professional Development Schools. For more information, contact the Department of Education.

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Erin-Jane Bolin and Jordan Sanger

While in the BCU teacher preparation program, we were guided by leaders who were truly passionate and experienced, and we learned with reliable, motivated peers; this program definitely set us up for success!

Erin-Jane Bolin