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Sports Management Program

Degree Type: Bachelor of Arts
Program(s) Offered: Major only

Do you live and breathe sports? We’ve got good news: you don’t have to dunk a basketball or bench press 400 pounds to make a living in the sports world! Major in sports management at Briar Cliff and become an expert in sports promotion, sales, facilities and the other fundamental concepts that revolve around running an athletic organization.

Fun, games — and a whole lot more.

You're already a sports nut. But to be successful, you’ll also need to be a fan of finance, health, marketing and law; particularly as they relate to the sporting world. That’s why our sports management major is housed under the Department of Business, where you’ll learn how to negotiate contracts, create a budget, practice public relations and study the legal issues surrounding athletics today. You’ll also get to know your professors on a first-name basis.

Get hands-on experience in a sports town.

Sioux City is a sports town, brimming with opportunity for the sports enthusiast. Land an internship with the Charger athletic department, or one of three minor league sporting organizations in town (Explorers baseball, Bandits football or Musketeers hockey). Sioux City is also home to the Great Plains Athletic Conference (GPAC) headquarters, the Norm Waitt, Sr. YMCA and the Tyson Evens Center — home of two major NAIA national championships (volleyball and women’s basketball). 

Pick up a minor in social media.

Minor in social media at BCU, and combine your tweeting and tagging savvy with a blend of graphic design, marketing, writing and public relations skills. You’ll become the powerful, modern-day storyteller every sports organization is looking for!

Sports Management Program Courses

ACCT 203 - Principles of Accounting I

Briar Cliff University's introduction to the use of accounting in the decision-making process. Course competencies will be developed in the areas of identifying the role of accounting in society, basic accounting and business terminology, accounting standards and generally accepted accounting practices, and analysis, preparation and interpretation of financial statements of business entities. Read more »

ACCT 204 - Principles of Accounting II

This Briar Cliff University course is designed to continue financial statement analysis and introduce the basics of managerial accounting, including, but not limited to, the following: cost behavior, costing methods, cost-volume-profit analysis, budgeting, planning and control and other introductory topics. Read more »

BUAD 210 - Business Communications

Application of principles of communication to the managerial setting. The course investigates the influence of organizational climate, manager’s style and use of motivation on the communication process. Read more »

BUAD 223 - Legal Environment of Business

Major areas to be covered include the nature of and origins of law; ethics and social responsibility of business entities; our judicial system; the development of our common law system; the differences between the various areas of the law; elements necessary to establish and give rise to an intentional tort and negligence; the elements necessary to establish a contract; and the differences between business entities such as a sole proprietorship, partnership and corporation. Read more »

BUAD 225 - Principles of Management

A study of the concepts, principles and philosophy of management. The four functions of management—planning, organizing, leading and controlling - are examined with respect to various management styles. Read more »

BUAD 325 - Human Resource Management

This course focuses on human resource policies, issues, principles and methodologies. Through activities and case studies the student is able to apply the theory from the text to realistic problems from the work world. Read more »

BUAD 330 - Principles of Corporate Finance

Enables the student to gain a basic understanding of the financial management function of a business enterprise. Considers the relationship among business disciplines: tax accounting, finance and economics. Topics covered: math of finance, technique of financial analysis, impact of tax on financial decision, working capital management, sources and forms of intermediate and long-term financing, cost of capital structure, and the integrated financial policy. Read more »

BUAD 429 - Strategic Management

This course is designed for the student to incorporate the business-related knowledge of previous study into decision-making analysis. Through case studies and simulation games the methodology of problem evaluation and the decision-making process is examined. Read more »

ECON 210 - Principles of Microeconomics

Introduction to basic economic theory, with emphasis placed on decision making by individual units such as households, firms, or industries and with individual markets for final goods and resources. Prerequisite: Sophomore status or permission of instructor Read more »

MRKT 308 - Sales Management

Students will learn more about the field of professional selling. Topics to be covered are: the context of sales and the place of sales in the marketing function; the external environment including the legal aspects and its impact on sales; the various steps in the sales process from prospecting to follow-up; professional and ethical behaviors; and the principles of sales management. Role playing will be utilized to give the student valuable experience in making a sales presentation. The final project will be to make a professional presentation on behalf of a student business. Prerequisite: MRKT 301 Read more »

MUSC 438 - Conducting II

Following successful completion of MUSC 437, this course is a continuation and development of choral musicianship through conducting and study of choral literature. The addition of active and passive gestures as well as left hand fluency will be emphasized in this course. In-class conduction of recitatives, anthems, and other literature serves to integrate and apply skills. Prerequisite: MUSC 437 Read more »

MUSC 439 - Choral Procedures

Following successful completion of MUSC 438, lectures and discussion will center around the choral rehearsal. Error detection, problem-solving and sound refinement are the critical skills to be developed. It is intended and desired that a laboratory choir be found to facilitate hands-on learning. It is the marriage of these new skills to the basic conducting skills learned in previous semesters that constitute the ultimate goal of this class. Prerequisite: MUSC 438 and permission of instructor Read more »

PSCI 338 - Parties and the Elections

Political parties play an integral role in democracy. This course explores the role that political parties play in the United States throughout history. Additionally, we will carefully examine the electoral system of the US and the behavior of the American voter. Read more »

SPMA 201 - Principles of Sports Management

This course is designed to introduce the student to the general principles of sport management. Read more »

SPMA 220 - Sports Law

This course will examine selected legal, financial, and policy issues and disputes that arise in the business of sports. Read more »

SPMA 301 - Sports Marketing and Promotions

This course explores the concepts and principles of marketing as they apply to sports and event marketing strategies. Read more »

SPMA 325 - Event and Facility Management

This course assists students in developing an understanding of the knowledge and skills needed to manage facilities used in sports and a variety of events. Read more »

SPMA 390 - Sports Management Internship (required)

The course is designed to expand the student’s current knowledge in the field of sport management. Read more »

SPMA 430 - Sport Finance

Analysis of the relationship between finance and the sports industry is addressed in this course. Read more »

SPMA 440 - Current Issues in Sport

The current state of organized athletic activity in the United States as background for discussion of topical issues and concerns, among those considered: violence, drug abuse, recruiting practices, role of media, labor relations, race, gender, sexuality, gambling. Read more »

SPMA 490 - Sports Management Internship (elective)

The course is designed to expand the student’s current knowledge in the field of sport management. Read more »

WRTG 225 - Organizational Communications

Newspaper headlines and bestseller titles continue to emphasize the importance in business of effective communication. Read more »

Additional Program Requirements

 The sports management internships (SPMA 390 & 490) may be taken any time during the junor or senior year.

 For additional requirements and curriculum information, download the latest University academic catalog.

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