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Marketing Program

Degree Type: Bachelor of Arts
Program(s) Offered: Major, minor

Program Description

The marketing major at Briar Cliff provides instruction in core areas of marketing, including planning and executing the conception, pricing, promotion, and distribution of ideas, goods, and services to create exchanges in the modern marketplace.

Have you ever wondered why some brands seem so much more memorable than others? Major in marketing at Briar Cliff and learn how to become the brains behind those iconic brands! Marketing helps organizations better understand their customers, and learn how to communicate the benefits and unique selling points of their products so they stand out above the competition. 

Why study marketing at Briar Cliff?


Do you like learning by doing? As a marketing major, you’ll take classes that give you hands-on learning experience through project based assignments. Take the Marketing Research class and help real businesses gain insights into their customers. Write a marketing plan for a local company in the Marketing Management class. At Briar Cliff, you won’t just read about the practice of marketing in a book – you’ll experience it!


Be part of Briar Cliff’s nationally recognized Enactus Team, which has qualified for the national level of competition for 13 straight years against universities more than 20 times our size. The Enactus group leads regional and international projects that make the community — and the world — a better place to live.


Briar Cliff offers a minor in social media, to combine your tweeting and snapping savvy with a blend of graphic design, marketing, writing and public relations skills. You’ll become the powerful, modern-day storyteller every company is looking for!


In our curriculum, you’ll take a broad area of courses in management, finance, accounting and economics — which provides a solid foundation for a future business-related graduate degree. You'll even have an inside track to Briar Cliff’s own Master of Arts in Management program.

Marketing Program Courses

BUAD 225 - Principles of Management

A study of the concepts, principles and philosophy of management. The four functions of management—planning, organizing, leading and controlling - are examined with respect to various management styles. Read more »

BUAD 330 - Principles of Corporate Finance

Enables the student to gain a basic understanding of the financial management function of a business enterprise. Considers the relationship among business disciplines: tax accounting, finance and economics. Topics covered: math of finance, technique of financial analysis, impact of tax on financial decision, working capital management, sources and forms of intermediate and long-term financing, cost of capital structure, and the integrated financial policy. Read more »

BUAD 350 - Production and Operations Management

This course deals with the design, operation and improvement of the production systems that create the firm's primary products or services. Production is the creation of goods and services. Operations management is the set of activities that create goods and services through the transformation of inputs and outputs. Read more »

BUAD 429 - Strategic Management

This course is designed for the student to incorporate the business-related knowledge of previous study into decision-making analysis. Through case studies and simulation games the methodology of problem evaluation and the decision-making process is examined. Read more »

BUAD 70 IR - Briar Cliff Enactus

Enactus, formerly Students in Free Enterprise (SIFE) strives to fulfill the goals of market economics, entrepreneurship, personal finance skills and business ethics to better themselves, their communities and their countries. Every year, Enactus competitions are held around the world to bring together students and leaders to honor these extraordinary projects. Briar Cliff’s award-winning Enactus team was founded in 2002. Read more »

MATH 200 - Elementary Statistics

An introduction to the theory and applications of statistics intended for students in business, nursing and the social sciences, but also recommended for students in the liberal arts. Topics include measures of central tendency and variability, probability distributions, confidence intervals, hypothesis testing, linear regression, correlation, analysis of variance and nonparametric statistics. This course is not open to those in a mathematics major. Prerequisite: MATH 10 or recommendation of the department chairperson based upon mathematics assessment Read more »

MIS 220 - Microcomputer Applications for Business

A course designed to develop the skills necessary to use microcomputers for solving business- related problems by using various software packages (word processing, spreadsheet, database, presentation). Other topics include computer hardware, operating system software and applications software. Read more »

MRKT 301 - Principles of Marketing

Study of the concepts and problems concerned with the flow of goods and services to the consumer. An analysis will be made of the following: Marketing functions, wholesale and retail institutions, and internal and external factors affecting activities. Prerequisite: Econ 210 or 211 or permission of instructor Read more »

MRKT 305 - Consumer Behavior

The major objective of this course is to find out why people buy what they buy, when they buy and where they buy. Behavioral and social influences on the buying process will also be examined. This information is then used to more effectively plan marketing programs. Prerequisite: MRKT 301, PSYC 110 is recommended Read more »

MRKT 308 - Sales Management

Students will learn more about the field of professional selling. Topics to be covered are: the context of sales and the place of sales in the marketing function; the external environment including the legal aspects and its impact on sales; the various steps in the sales process from prospecting to follow-up; professional and ethical behaviors; and the principles of sales management. Role playing will be utilized to give the student valuable experience in making a sales presentation. The final project will be to make a professional presentation on behalf of a student business. Prerequisite: MRKT 301 Read more »

MRKT 345 - Advertising and Integrated Marketing Communications

A survey of advertising objectives of different levels of business organization. The course deals with campaigns, techniques and various media available to firms and industry. Prerequisite: MRKT 301 Read more »

MRKT 360 - Marketing Research

The course examines the marketing research process from problem identification to A presentation of research results. It gives the student a hands-on approach for solving marketing problems and taking advantage of marketing opportunities. Prerequisite: MRKT 301 and a statistics course Read more »

MRKT 385 - Global Management

This course studies how businesses plan, develop, market and distribute products/services on a global scale. Special emphasis is placed on how businesses adapt to different cultural, political and economic environments. Prerequisite: MRKT 301 Read more »

MRKT 410 - Marketing Management

Additional Program Requirements

 The marketing major also requires an elective course in business, media, accounting or marketing.

 For additional requirements and curriculum information, download the latest University academic catalog.

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“Briar Cliff has helped me reach my goals by providing a quality program that is accessible to adult learners,” says Andrea. “Without the flexibility, I wouldn’t have been able to return to school while still working and taking care of my family.”

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