Marketing (Minor)

Degree Type: Primary or Secondary Minor

The marketing minor is designed to develop basic abilities in product planning, execution, pricing, promotion and distribution. These skills are valuable in a variety of fields, including advertising, business, market research, management, social media, finance, entertainment and education, among others.

Marketing (Minor) Courses

BUAD 225 - Principles of Management

A study of the concepts, principles and philosophy of management. The four functions of management—planning, organizing, leading and controlling - are examined with respect to various management styles. Read more »

ECON 210 - Principles of Microeconomics

Introduction to basic economic theory, with emphasis placed on decision making by individual units such as households, firms, or industries and with individual markets for final goods and resources. Prerequisite: Sophomore status or permission of instructor Read more »

ECON 211 - Principles of Macroeconomics

Introduction to basic economic theory, with emphasis on the economy as a whole. An examination of major aggregates such as households, businesses, and government sectors and measures of the total economy. Read more »

MRKT 301 - Principles of Marketing

Study of the concepts and problems concerned with the flow of goods and services to the consumer. An analysis will be made of the following: Marketing functions, wholesale and retail institutions, and internal and external factors affecting activities. Prerequisite: Econ 210 or 211 or permission of instructor Read more »

MRKT 305 - Consumer Behavior

The major objective of this course is to find out why people buy what they buy, when they buy and where they buy. Behavioral and social influences on the buying process will also be examined. This information is then used to more effectively plan marketing programs. Prerequisite: MRKT 301, PSYC 110 is recommended Read more »

MRKT 308 - Sales Management

Students will learn more about the field of professional selling. Topics to be covered are: the context of sales and the place of sales in the marketing function; the external environment including the legal aspects and its impact on sales; the various steps in the sales process from prospecting to follow-up; professional and ethical behaviors; and the principles of sales management. Role playing will be utilized to give the student valuable experience in making a sales presentation. The final project will be to make a professional presentation on behalf of a student business. Prerequisite: MRKT 301 Read more »

MRKT 345 - Advertising and Integrated Marketing Communications

A survey of advertising objectives of different levels of business organization. The course deals with campaigns, techniques and various media available to firms and industry. Prerequisite: MRKT 301 Read more »

MRKT 410 - Marketing Management

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